Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am so frustrated! How come when you make "plans" there is always a contingentcy?

A little more than a month ago....six more than that....I called 2 fence companies in our county. Prince Charming & I decided we were going to get vinyl coated chain link fencing installed in the back half of the yard for the big dogs. Well I got 2 estimates. The first company came out very quickly. The second one called twice to reschedule. The first company put his estimate into a drawn picture of the area to be fenced. The second company wrote his estimates on the back of his business cards.

#1 The vinyl coated fencing is too cost prohibitive. Nearly 2 grand more then without it!

#2 I want 5' fence, Prince Charming wants 4'. Y'all have seen my big dogs.....Briscoe (the shepherd) can jump over something 4' (course if he can jump 4 he can jump 5 right?)

#3 Even with out the vinyl coating, the fencing is costing over our budgeted number. Unfortuneately...we HAVE to put up fencing. Someone getting bit is too big a liability.

#4 We want to put up fencing at DD#1's new house too & want it all done together....

So what is the conumdrum ???? WEEEELLLLL.....we can't put up fencing until a few trees are removed. We can't remove the trees until it stops raining long enough to dry up. It hasn't stopped raining long enough to dry up.....UGH!!! The tree guy has been out 3 times & can't get his truck in the yard without his stabilizer feet sinking....I am so aggravated over this.

We are going to be off work the whole week of the 15th through the 19th & I really wanted to be home when we turned the big dogs out into the fenced area. Since they have always been in a 10 foot X 10 foot kennel, I don't know how they will react. I am pretty sure that we'll have to put a hot wire on the bottom because Briscoe can DIG really well.

I sure want it to stop raining!


****the big dogs are not VICIOUS. They are normal dogs that bark & protect thier property. It's what I feed them to do. BUT ! Bourbon is MORE protective & if he can see it, he'll protect it, and if you're a stranger, he's going to show his butt. He's bit ONE person, and yes it was un-provoced. I have been "socializing" him more & more & he's calmed down some....but I can't risk him biting someone again. Just didn't want y'all to think I harbor vicious animals....just the opposite***********


Barb said...

Wow....nothing is every easy....sorry for your frustrations.

Anonymous said...

Yard work, tree issues, they're the worst! Hang in there and feel free to vent. Better to get it out.