Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dylan's Cowboy Quilt

I made this quilt several years ago - it's Cowboy Themed. Some of these fabrics are out of print & simply no longer available.

When my brother let me know that my nephew was diagnosed with a desease, I decided that since I could not HUG him in person, I'd send him a quilt.

Dylan is 7 - I really hope that he isn't too old for Cowboy's..?

This shot is of the quilt while on the longarm quilting machine

Another shot of the quilt ont he longarm quilting machine. It's being quilted with brown thread & an all over Stars & Loops pantograph pattern

Label - Made by Leslie!

This is te front of the quilt - you are seeing it on a "double" size bed & in this shot - you are not seeing all the borders.


Backing - I didn't have enough of either cowboy themed print for the WHOLE back - so I used both - you can't tell in this shot, but the darker print is centered fairly well. I just don't have the quilt centered on the bed.

I still lack gettingthe binding sewn on it & then off inthe mail it goes to Dylan. I hope that everytime he uses it, he feels a hug from me.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Lydia - Top Done

I have the top for the Lydia Quilt completed. I liked these blocks. They were not so fiddly as I normally work with. And I really like the open spaces - if I did more than just pantographs with my long-arm quilting I could put wreaths in those plain squares.

The pattern has it "done" @ this stage,with no borders, but I have enough of the cheddar print to put really big borders on it. Sounds icky, but once it's quilted, I will scallop the borders & that's why I need them wider than normal. I had origianlly thought about doing a blue border, or even a red one, but changed my mind. I can do that, you know......

Ihave never put scalloped borders on a quilt!

There is not usually SUN in our family room, but I have the day off & was able to take advantage of the natural light that only comes in during the morning hours. A rare treat up here ("up here" means the bonus/family room - becasue it's in the attic roof area of our house)

And here is a picture of the little dude - just coz he's adorable!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Future NQR Project < sort of a rant!>

This is a Non-Quilting-Related post! And I am going to rant too. So read at your own risk.

Prince Charming & I are always planning projects. So far our most afggressive has been our shop that we're building. In this heat, it's about to kick our butt. White vinyl siding in the sun, is no fun. But when it gets completed, it will all be worth it.

A project that we have lined up is to start a rose garden. A real one. Lot's of roses. Tea roses. Complete with pathways & a gazebo & possibly some (or "a") pergola. Prince Charming wants a waterfall too. We have the space in our yard. Anyway.......I have started 4 rose plants. 3 are doing well, the 4th......not so much. I have also started some roses from seeds & there are 6 that have germinated!

This post is about my quest to find BOOKS on roses. Not what they look like, but how to care for them, type of soil, how to keep certain deseases away....etc. Well, yesterday I drive all the way to Nashville to Books-A-Million. It's the closest book store & it's roughly 30 miles away. Guess what? No books on roses. None. No magazines dedicated to roses either. Not one. To say I was disappointed is a an understatement. But what I want to rant about is what follows.

Not only did they NOT have books on roses, but they DID have 4 DIFFERENT books by seperate authors on growing............wait for it...........




I am a pretty liberal person. But I guess not. I guess the older I get, the more conservative I become. But give me a break! I live in Middle Tennessee. The South. The Bible Belt. I can buy a book on cultivating pot, but not ROSES ?

Nashville has a Rose Society, I am headed to thier website to see if they have any recommended reading. Certainly, B-O-M doesn't have what I need!

Seriously? No books on roses! (My local library wasn't any help either)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

As I get older, I have this NEED to be organized. I like everything put away & organized. And I like GLASS in my kitchen. I don't like platic storage containers at all. Well, when I got asked what I wanted for MD, I said got to "X" Store & get the little glass spice jars for me.

What you see in the picture is just 1/2 of them. I only ended up with ONE unlabeled jar, though I have many EMPTY jars because the spices were expired..........And some of the spices I had still had price tags on them. TAGS, not bar codes. How old could THOSE have been???

Anyway............I'm a Happy Camper. I like that the glass can be cleaned and relabled. Figure I'll pick up a few more incase I need them. Got to see if there are some slightly larger for parsley flakes (use those a lot!) and chili powder. I buy huge containers of that too.

The jars did not come labeled or with labels, I used my own label maker & put the labels at the top of the jars so that the ones in the back top shelf can be seen & read. Aggravating not to be able know what those spices are!

You know what I used for those spice shelves? Ha, Ha !! 2X4's. Just had Prince Charming cut them to fit the cabinet. Works like a charm. Cheap butt, huh?