Monday, December 19, 2011

Door Garland

I accidently deleted the FIRST picture that shows the base thing called the WORK garland. It's basically a wire with garland pieces about evey 9 inches. Each work garland is 9 feet long. I wired 2 together for the whole thing.

Daughter #1 helping me make our creation

I don't even know what the red twisty stuff is. It looked like glitered up boning! Felt like it too.

Close up of the Deco-Mesh, the Gold Lame & the Red twisty stuff.

Another view.

I added gold & red all weather plastic balls. I resorted to using zip ties to attach them to the garland.

I had multiple rolls of ribbon, but only 1 that made the cut. So I made about 9 bows (that's all I could get out of 10 yards!) and I wired them tot he garland with (again) Zip-Ties!

You can't see it, but I also wired 4 strings of the mini-lights to the backside of the garland.

Here is the door before I put anything up. You can SEE the command hooks.....I had plenty of them.

My intention was to have the garland hang around the door, but the command hooks kept popping off the vinyl. I think the vinyl is too textured.......that or it's too cold. (the garland is LONG, but it's not too heavy...) I don't know. Either way, I just hung it over the light fixtures.

Even though it did not hang close tot he door like I wanted it too, it did come out exactly like I wanted it to!

Merry Christmas.