Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You can all rest assured ( I say that ~ "you all" ~ like I have a blue million followers or soemthing!) I HAVE been sewing.

I have 29 blocks completed of 60 on my Belle Meade / Lady of the Lake Quilt. Guess what? I made too many HST's. Betcha didn't see THAT one coming!! Ha! Actually, I thought I had it nailed pretty close. Close? Not so much! I think that when I get BOTH these LOTL Quilts done, I'll have enough HST"S for 2 more. That's 4 if you're keeping up with the math (which, evidently, I'm no good with!)

My sewing room is upstairs in our family room. I have great ligihting for sewing, it's just pretty rotten for taking pictures. So y'all will have to wait until I can REMEMBER to take pictures during the weekend.

This last weekend, QB1 & I sewed some & then got side tracked going to town to get a birthday gift for my DS#1 (dear sister#1) I can't tell you WHAt I bought, as she reads my blog. Let's just say that the lady @ the shop said that she can't keep these things in stock. Sells them as quick as she puts them out. It's REALLY CUTE ! I also got my DS#1 some Knock-Out Roses. I bought themt he beginning of last month - maybe even June, but since you can't find them in September.........I thought ahead. One of them is doing EXCELLENT & blooming like mad. It's a double-pink. The other, while doing VERY well, is not a double - but it's finally taking off & looks equally beautiful.........enough of that....this is about sewing! Guess what QB1 has done???

Do you remember my "On Eagles Wings" quilt? It's another paperpeiced pineapple variation...The last one took 89 blocks, figured so would THIS one. I have MAYBE 30 blocks? She's got 75! SEVENTY-FIVE !!! She is cranking those little babies out! I am SO proud of her!

I often joke with her that it's a good thing my daughters don't marry her sons because none of them would be able to figure out who's mother made which quilt!! Ha Ha! We DO seem to make them together!

AND guess what else?????? I bought an embroidery machine. I get to pick it up tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! I am excited. I have read where people that have embroidery machines use thier "sew outs" to make into quilts. HHHHhhuummmmm.......sounds like more UFO's. But a good idea, I think!

I promise to post photos soon. Remember, I am also on Nana Duty 3 nights a week. DD#2 has started grad-school. I am totally enjoying the grandson. His vocabulary is exploding. It's so comical.

Gotta go, folks! Tomorrow comes earlier than I want it too. If I could be pleasant while only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, I would, but guess what? My personality takes a serious head-dive without AT LEAST 6 or 7. Well there's that...but coffee helps too.......!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabric Shopping & Whittles

It was raining on Saturday. We REALLY need the rain. It's been so darn hot (humid too, but our grass is dying!) and the rain was so refreshing. (people in the south - none I have seen..- have irrigation systems installed - that's a western thing...)It rained Friday night, late, all day Saturday & a little bit on Sunday morning. When I got up on Saturday, I let Prince Charming sleep in - becasue it was raining. I figured we were not going to work outside on our shed. Once he woke up & we were having coffee on the back deck, in the rain (covered deck) I asked him about working on the shed???? He said it was raining & we couldn't. Darn. I hate that. Y'all know how much I wanted to be out in 100 degree heat with humidity @ 90% - installing vinyl siding? Yeah, I pretty much nearly jumped up & down for joy that we were not going to be "working outside". SSSooooo...........I called QB1 to see what she was doing.

We decided to go up to Kentucky to Whittles!

It wasn't a hard decision. she drove.

We got to Whittles & QB1 bought a bunch of fabric for herself and some for another member of our guild that wants to make pillow cases. I bought 2 peices of wide with fabric for backings & I bought 2 quilt kits.

The kits I bought were......drum roll please.............:

Jubilee Celbration & Second Hand Clothes. Both kits were made from patterns by Bonnie Blue Quilts, in Civil War Repro fabrics. The ones that they had on display in the shop were awesome & the price could not be beat.

The 2 backings are great too!Not sure who the manufacturer is on either..As I was going more for the color than who made them:

Not hardly ANY sewing this weekend. I made 3 receiving blankets for a baby shower, but since I finished the LAST one this morning before the shower, I didn't get pictures of them!

Good night all.