Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Templates for "30 Something"

Remember the quilt pattern that I posted about on June 26th?

It is a pattern called "30 Something" - there were diagrams for the templates in the pattern, but no source for acrylic templates.

I googled & found a source for them. They are Bay Creek Quilting Templates.

They said that they had already had people contact them wanting the same templates and they gave me a price.

I don't have a laser cutter that cuts acrylic, so I got NO CLUE how much they cost.

But the templates are fairly expensive. So if you order them, you really better want to make that quilt.

$16 plus $6 shipping. 2 pieces of plastic.

Bay Creek was extrememly nice & they were very quick to answer my emails & questions. So if you too want to make the "30 Something" quilt, call or email them

Not to be ugly, but I'm not going to be lending my set out, once I get them.....sorry!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL!! My mom let someone borrow her nice Pigma markers once to make a label....and never saw them again!

Thank you so much for my nice gift. It got here late last night, we've a rather slow mailman. My mom's taking the one set that I have double of to play with, and what a day to send them. She got promoted!!

I'm speed quilting to get my swap finished for the mailbox today and then stash culling for your reds and blues.