Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fence & the Yard

I promised better pictures of the FENCE

We had 507 feet installed. That's a lot of fence. We live on 1.58 acres in a subdivision. We fenced half our back yard. Chain link was a little more than I thought it was supposed to cost. but, oh well.

We put the dog kennels inside the fence, because until we know how the dogs will behave, they have to put up when we are not home. They were out all day yesterday & last night. They spent most of the time under the trailer. Of all the cool spots under the shade that they could pick, they chose the trailer. I have to move the baby pool to an area that is more shady. It gets too much sun where it is right now & the dogs won't use it until it's dark.

See all the dirt? Prince Charming dragged it, airated it, dragged it some more. Spread fertilizer. Spread seed & then dragged it again. Then he ran the sprinkler for 6 hours yesterday. He's waitng until about 4 or 5 PM before he does it again today.

Well, those are the 2 projects that we spent our vacation time & money doing.



Barb said...

That is alot of fencing...I am sure you will have happy dogs...

Anonymous said...

It always feels so nice to get big home projects completed. :)

Mia's Cottage said...

I would love to have a yard like that. Keep up the good work.