Monday, July 24, 2017

Ravens Wing Quilt

Odd name, I know. The pattern is called "On Eagles Wings" by Laundry Basket Quilts. I have used these papers for makes my 4th quilt. And since I'm making all the triangles & center pieces black, I have named it Ravens Wing.

I can't remember if I posted anything about when I started these blocks & I'm too lazy to look & see.

I had a bunch, I mean a BUNCH of fat quarters in my "lights/neutral" bin. They were too dark to use as LIGHTS next to anything medium & some of them are just plain dark neutrals. Like tans & dark cream colors. I had contemplated giving them away, but frankly I had SO MANY of them, I cringed at how much $$$ I had wrapped up in them. So I figured I would cut them up & use them all in one quilt.

And Ravens Wing was born.

I am setting them ON-POINT - with no borders. 

First photo is of the block

Size comparison
 Oops! Sewed the side setting triangle on wrong.

 2 rows.

 3 rows. I'm really liking where this is going! I want it 10 blocks across, so I still need 7 more rows....

This is the side setting triangle. This pattern does not give directions for on-point settings or anything to do for being on point, so I had to figure it out myself. You can't just make a block & cut it in half. It does not work that way. It took me 3 tries to get the block the way I wanted it. Simply could not wrap my head around the parts I wasn't completing. 

I really suck at math. Big time. So with out borders I figure I need an additional 192, counted again & needed 224. That's a 32 block spread. Told 'ya, I suck at math. At any rate, I'm not getting all bothered about how many more that I need to make, because right now I only have THREE more done!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

As I complete rows, I'll post pictures. I'll have to save my pennies, All this work, I'll want it custome quilted!

See 'Ya!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Old School Quilt Planning

Since I am incredibly rotten at math, I graphed the layout.

I added pictures from my phone, I have no clue how to add them from "this device", I guess I'll have to ask one of my children!

I started some appliqued leaf blocks 2 years ago. But I have only been working on them in the winter. I worked on them while sitting in the basement watching TV. Prince Charming smokes. Either in the basement or outside. So when we are watching TV together or we are having coffee in the (winter) mornings, I worked on my appliqué leaf blocks.

My goal is 80 . I have completed 66 . I have no idea how to set them. So I thought I might try on point with sashing  & cornerstones. Not even sure that the sashing will be green......decisions, decisions! 

Since I am incredibly rotten at math, I graphed the layout.

Friday, June 23, 2017

June & It's Already Past The Middle Of The Month

I started this little lap sized quilt on June 12th. I know I started it that day because I took the whole day off to go to my quilt guild meeting. The meeting isn't until 5:30PM, but they sew all day & that's what I wanted to do. It's "just a simple 9-Patch", but trust me, I can mess that up too when I'm running my mouth!  I sewed the 9-Patches together WRONG. The green is supposed to create the chain effect & while I was talking & sewing, I made over a 1/3 of my blocks with the print the chain. So I had to frog stitch them & re-do them. Well.....that gave me more 9-Patch blocks than I needed for a LAP sized quilt. By the my house we don't call them Lap-Quilts, we call them Potato Quilts. Long story, very funny, I'll save that explanation for another day. Since I messed up & had way more 9-patch blocks than I wanted, I didn't have enough of the print to make borders. Decided to just make a twin sized quilt & come up with something else for the borders. No, I can't get more of this print. It's an older Kaufman print. the Celebrate Seuss Line. I have found very little of this print on-line & I'm sure I didn't pay over $10 per yard when I got it & what I HAVE been able to find is over $13. Not happening. As my friend Diane says....."Running out of enough fabric to make the borders , forces me to be creative. It always turns out unexpectedly GREAT!"

Without borders, it's measuring 54"X78". My intention is to make an 1st inner border of the green & then a 2nd inner border to create a piano key of solids in the colors of the stars. 3rd outer border of the green again. Bind it in solid black. I have less than 1 yard of the stars print & I'd really like to use it between the green borders, but I just don't think I can stretch it that far!

Blocks finish 6". It's FRY YOUR EYES OUT BRIGHT!!!! I'm making it for my favorite grandchild & he LIKES bright, so it's going to be perfect!

Here is my FAVORITE grandchild. He is 7 & 1/2 - be 8 in December. While he has lost bottom teeth, he just lost his first front tooth. I figured he'd be in high school before he lost his front teeth. No kidding. He didn't get all his teeth as a baby for a very long time. He was like 18 months old before he even had like 4 teeth. them taking forever to fall out is not surprising at all. This little tooth was already turning gray & it needed to come out. He is a sensitive & compassionate child & he does NOT like the site of blood. So, I'm pretty sure those are tears! OMGoodness, how I love this little guy!

that's it for now

Stay cool!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

2 Months

Wow. 2 Months. It's been 2 months since I have posted anything on my blog. I feel like a slacker. I HAVE been busy. I have 3 of "Shirt" Quilts completed. Bound too. I even have one hanging in the bedroom. I figured it could sit there until the show in October. So...that was 5 months making 3 quilts. The one I started first, I finished last. It's HUGE. It is definitely King sized. It literally hangs about 5 inches off the floor on a queen size bed.

I finished a project that I started YEARS ago. Irish Stars I think it's called? This was #2. I cut out 2 & only completed 1. still lacks borders. I don't have a photo for this one. So there's that. I made blocks for a quilt from an Atkinson Designs Book - 9-Patch Reunion. Or something like that. It needs borders. (do you see a pattern here????) No picture on this either.

Then as I'm piddling around in my sewing room, sorting things/fabric/notions. I had all these shirting fat quarters. From Civil War Repro collections etc. But they are too DARK to really be LIGHTS. Or the print is too busy to be considered LIGHT. So I was going to take them to my guild meeting & just give them away. But there were SO MANY. Once I started running the $$ in my head....I couldn't bring myself to give them away! So I decided I'd create another "On Eagle's Wings" quilt. Only since I'm doing all the triangles in black, I'm calling it "Raven's Wings".

They are really coming out nice. I'm glad I made the decision to make something from all those dark light fat quarters! LOL

I have been doing a little with vinyl. T-Shirts mainly. I made one for me. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. Goodness ! that stuff is a challenge to work with. I put a dinosaur on a t-shirt for my grandson, a catching phrase on one for Ryan. Taking one to Texas with me next week for Sarah. The one in the photo is mine. In retrospect, I should have just used my selfie stick. but oh-well - you get the drift of it!

Did I say Texas? Yep. I'll be in Texas next week visiting with Sarah. Prince Charming will be staying home. Work is always busy this time of year!

Well - that's it for a check in.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Finished Quilts

I have completed the Delectable Mountains / Mountains Majesty Quilt. It ended up something like 88X116. Way too long. So I removed one row off the bottom & put one on the side. It wasn't as simple as just removing the row & flipping the blocks either! I removed the row, separated the blocks & then had to make 7 more blocks as all the blocks on the SIDE row are the SAME block, just rotated differently. Now it's 97X109. I used a king sized flannel sheet set for the backing. I used the flat sheet & both pillowcases to make it.

I don't usually use flannel as a backing because I'm so hot natured. I don't usually piece the backings either - nor do I use sheets. However...I'm trying to keep these "shirt" quilts as close to Re-Duce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle as I can. Oddly enough, the flannel sheet set at Goodwill was $7.99. There is NO WAY I could get backing fabric for that. No way at all.

I only lack getting the piano key border put onto the first Shirt Quilt I started. then all I have to do is hang onto them until the October show! Yay! I'll be ahead of my own game. I hate deadlines & figured if I made them now, I wouldn't have to worry about cramming quilting into the last few weeks before the show in October.

It has been very difficult for me to NOT to put the shirt quilts to the side & go work on something else. I'm tired of working on strips of stripes & plaids! But I'm almost done, in the home stretch now!

No photos. Sorry - saving them for a surprise for the show.