Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Troubles? / & Stretched Star Quilt Photo

Last night I came upstairs & wrote this nice chatty little blog/post & uploaded photos of the 3 outside rows on my Stretched Stars Quilt.

Went & hit PUBLISH POST and ................nothing. the computer froze up.

I have forgot everything I wrote (must have not been very important, huh?)

Here are photos AGAIN of the Stretched Stars Quilt. I added the little half blocks that complete the stars. This is exactly half the quilt. It's turning out just how i thought it would.

Oh yes! Yesterday I finished quilting the "Night/Day" quilt. It turned out SO nice. I have to sew the binding strips together & get it done. That poison green backing is perfect!

Today (Friday) the fence guys finished. The dirt got all delovered & Prince Charming rented a bobcat & spread dirt all day. I DID take pictures, but it was 8 PM & they truned out too dark. So I'll have to try again tomorrow. Also wanted to show you all the dirt, and how nice Prince Charming spread it. He sure knows what he's doing. We went to Lowe's and dropped a bundle on grass seed & fertilizer.



The Calico Quilter said...

Love the stretched star. I make these for Project Linus quilts because they are so easy but so showy.

Info on poison ivy/oak: go to the drugstore, buy a tube of Zanfel, and keep it in the medicine cabinet in case this happens again. You'll wince at the price, but just one poison ivy or oak encounter and you'll be glad you did, because you can nip it in the bud before it spreads and you end up at the doctor again. The stuff is amazing. I have poison ivy cropping up under my roses (must be the hot weather - poison ivy loves hot). I made sure I was armed with Zanfel for the summer in case one of my poison ivy eradication campaigns goes very very wrong!

Barb said...

llllloooovvvveee that quilt!!