Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilted Blankets

These are fluffy blankets from Target that I quilted to sheets. As you can see? I monnogrammed them BEFORE quilting them, so that they could tell them apart! I monogrammed the pillow cases too. (I only monogrammed ONE pillowcase , of the 2 in the sheet set, for each blanket)

this shot gives you an idea the SIZE of the monogram. MICHAEL had 20364 stitches & only took like 12 minutes to stitch out! I love that machine...

And just because he was HELPING me take pictures!

These are going into the mail & on thier way to Iowa, where I hear the snow is pretty deep.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Warning BRAG Post!

I have 2 wonderful daughters. They are both VERY talented. I am proud to say that I think they will both end up crafters or sewers.

This is my Christmas gift from my oldest daughter. She crocheted this afghan for me! It is super warm & I have slept with it every night but 1 (it was 60 degrees the night before last...) since Christmas.

#1 She made it in my favorite color combination

#2 She set the blocks in my favorite barnraising pattern

#3 She made it in QUILT blocks!!

Isn't she talented???

I think so, but I am biased coz she's my daughter!!


Monday, January 16, 2012


I know...I know....you don't think that I have been doing any quilting...You would be wrong. I am not doing LOADS of it, but I am sewing!

So? What HAVE I been doing? Piddling more than anything. Ihave been sewing blocks for my ON EAGLE'S WINGS quilt. I am 7 blocks away from having HALF as many blocks as I need with black flying geese. Did you catch that? I still lack sewing just as many blocks with white flying geese. It's gonna be beautiful.

As I have needed more strips for the OEW Quilt, I have been cutting blocks for the mini spools quilt that I have going too. The spool blocks finish @ 5", I figured I'd need around 300 of them, I think I have 264 cut out. I do NOT have that many sewn. No where close. I had been wanting to ask Joan how many SHE needed for her Spool Quilt, but I think I am afraid to ask. What if I need 400? Ack!

I, currently, have 4 quilts hanging in my longarm studio waiting to be quilted. All mine. I already have the backing & the batting for all of them, I don't know why I take forever once I get at this point. Pure procrastination.

I have a blanket on the rails for my daughter - it lacks MAYBE 2 more rows. Once I have that one done, I will make a blanket for my daughter's fiance. I say BLANKET because it's a sheet on one side & a fuzzy snuggly blanket on the other. I am quilting them together with no batting. Oh! They are yummy feeling. I think the one using a flannel sheet is going to be the best one of the 2. I also am embroidering thier name on the fuzzy blanket BEFORE I quilt them. Really nice looking.

Gotta go!