Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nearly Year's End

Where does one BEGIN when the year is near it's end? Sometimes I think the years go by so slow & others go by in a blink. When the kids were little , it never seemed like they would hurtle whatever learning experience they/we were going through. Time seemed like an endless train tunnel. Now that they are grown & out of the house, the time I spend WITH them seems so short. Like blinking, then POOF they're gone. then the perioda between "visits" seems so LONG - I guess it's some sort of game? Who knows.
It's been an eventful few weeks. I didnt put up a Christmas tree (again) this year. I don't think anyone was much surprised by that, I'm afraid.
Husband has caught a cold. He sounds awful. I think I got whatever it is he's got. I have been cold all day & being cold is the exact opposite of my usual temperature. I hope that's all I get , chilled......I hate being sick. It's so demeaning.
Ha - if you read this, you should try this: go to & for every "word" that you guess the correct definition or meaning, a grain of rice will get donated to 3rd world counties. I got up to 4000 grains. Reckon how many grains of rice are ina 5 pound bag? I wonder. At least I know that I am not as ignorant as I may appear. I'm pretty good with those definitions & many are not easy! It's some fun....little but fun none-the-less. Ha ha - good thing it's not math! I'd show my ignorance then, for sure.
DD#2 took her Devil-Cat home yesterday , hooray - she's not really a bad cat, she's just vocal, demanding & if you are sitting, to her, you are ready to pet her. Can't even go potty without her coming to visit.
Ihave been following the "Mystery Quilt" pattern on the web-site of I printed all the installments, but I just CAN NOT start another project. Just can't. You see, I have to keep telling myself that, or I start another one.
Christmas was nice & quiet. Just the hubby & girls & me. No screaming kids, no runing around (dog's don't count, do they?)
DD#1 has gone back to the city to visit with freinds before she has to return to Metropolis. Metropolis is one ugly city. #1 It's too dang far away #2 I've been there a total of ONCE & didn't like it. And I am FROM a big city! Go-Figure.
I bought DD#1 some very beautiful earrings off EBAY - fractured china. they were roses. Shards of ceramic english pottery transformed into jewelery. But the thing is , is that when I got them, i put them away so I wouldn't forget them for DD#1's Christmas present. Guess what? I can't find them! I am so upset over that. They were not cheap little baubles either, I have searched everywhere. No such luck, I can't find them.
I have tomorrow off instead of the day before yesterday. My office help had a couple of sick children. Said that one of them ran a high fever on Christmas Day & didn't even feel like celebrating. Poor kid, it turned out to be an ear infection. I was initially resentful that I had to come in to work Wednesday after Christmas, but that was just spiteful ness on my part. Who wants a child to be sick on Christmas? Not me. Especially a kid that STILL believes in Santa Claus. It's been so long since WE had that type of wonder int he house. but I think she's recovereing, that's why I get Friday!
I was going to leave directly from work to go to TN to visit my sister tomroow, but now I just leave from home & get there in the daylight instead of doing all my driving in the dark. So - even though I didn't get to spend 2 days with my DDs, I do get a 3 day weekend. I'm veiwing it as a silver lining!
I'm anxious to get back into a non-holiday routine. A "regular" week will be welcome.
No sewing agin lately. My achine is gathering dust. Maybe I can sew more ont he 2 Log Cabins Quilts that I started in Oct tomorrrow mornign? You know, jammies, sewing , music cranked up, doing laundry....ah what bliss - well bliss for everything except the laundry.....I really hate laundry. I do!
Well my eyelids are getting droopy - and I know I keep hitting the wrong keys, it's my typing that is awful, not my spelling. (grammer sucks though)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday I went to see STOMP. I went with my DD#2 & 2 freinds. I was SO good! Much better than the opera! But then, maybe I'm just not fond of the phantom. Who knows? also went to the folk art museum to see some of the Gee's Bend quilts. The museum itself was nice, but there were not the number of quilts that I would like to have seen.
Got to say, though, I REALLY live in a bubble. Downtown was scary. Homeless people, drunks, panhandlers.....very sketchy at best. Maybe I am just a coward, but I didn't even have a box cutter with me. 4 women looked like sitting ducks, I'm sure! But - right now? I can laugh about it, but I guarantee you won't find me downtown after dark. I want to be back home in the boonies where I belong & where I certainly can defend myself! Ha Ha
I have not done a single stitch of sewing on my 2 log Cabin quilts....but I DID quilt a denim lap quilt on the long arm today. I wanted to make a quilt that was ruin proof. I used 60 inch wide 100% coton denim & then a 100% cotton "homespun" the homespun is a blue/black/white plaid. Hard on the eyes! But I quilted an all over pantograph called "Fantasia" and it came out great. Very tone on tone. I can't wait to bind it & wash it. I was thinking of letting it be used for FatDog#1 when she's on my bed. We'll see - if it's too nice, it will end up a gift to someone - it's not large enough to be considered a twin, but it's definately larger than a lap quilt.
Well - once agian - my pillow calls!

Friday, December 14, 2007


testing testing
maybe when I get a new computer, I can post photos - between this dinosaur & dialup I don't have a chance !!


End of a Tring Week!

WOW! This week has been full. DH & I took a week off of work to "work" on our garage. We went & ordered the vinyl siding. I forgot how expensive that stuff is when you DON'T buy it off the shelf! It won't be in until the end of January. anyway - we bought sheetrock/drywall & spent all week installing insulation & then drywall. I don't know how well we did as we've never done it before. But all the walls & the ceilings are covered. I felt like we had a pretty productive week. Tuesday I mashed my finger with the hammer stapler while installing insulation & today is Friday & it still aim was pretty bad to do that, I guess. We got the plywood up on the ceiling on his side but not on the walls - just couldn't get that far & we worked hard to get done what we did.
My plans for this week while we worked on the garage during the day was to come in at night & sew on the 2 log cabin quilts that I am making. THAT didn't happen. Too dang tired at the end of the day! We DID, however, get rid of all the juck that gets left over during construction. All the wood end peices & scrap. And the old decking off the dock. We burned it all. DH wanted to know if drywall burned??? I imagine SO ! Houses burn all the time, don't they? My dogs were in heaven. Being loose all week. Bourbon is a momma's boy! that dog loves me, no matter how nasty dirty I got, or anything. He stil wanted petting & he still wanted me to throw the ball. Bless his heart. He is such a good dog. I love him ! Briscoe, on the other hand - isn't as smart as Bourbon. Briscoe is evidently the muscle of the 2, Bourb-bourb has got to be the brain.....Little Bourbon can out think Briscoe every time.
Speaking of outthinking Briscoe - exactly how many nights in a row do I have to put the "no barking" collar on Briscoe before he actually gets the message about NOT barking at night (unless there's a GOOD reason)??? 4 nights in a row is a litle much....I can't wait for Briscoe to get some age on him, then maybe the $$ I spent on him will have been worth it ....(?) I'm not sure...

Oh well - I hear my feather pillow calling me - I'm ready to sleep now