Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back In March....E-Mealz Update

Back in March I blogged that I joined the "E-Mealz" program. It's $15 every 90 days. I am supplied a list that provides recipes & shopping list for 7 planned dinners. I am currently using the "family" plan which feeds 4-6 people. I am only feeding 3 adults, and it's still a LOT of food.

Anyway....We have been deligently using the "program" and I am pleased to report that 90-98% of the recipes are really VERY GOOD. I have not been able to match the shopping list to the EXACT price they have listed, but I come within $5. Most of the menu's that I have used have been under $85 for the whole week. $85 is STILL pretty good, seeing as I NORMALLY spend $175 to $230. Keep in mind that includes all the other "stuff" I dog food, staples, toiletries...etc. With the "E-Mealz" menu's I am saving a whole lot more money!

DD#1 will be moving out sometime next month, once her house is painted & chainlink fencing is installed, and I am going to change my subscription to the "2 Person" menu. I looked at the sample of the 2 person menu on the E-Mealz website & it shows 5 meals for 2 people and the total cost (get this...) under $40. That is awesome.

It makes me think though....I have wasted a lot of $$$ on FOOD. Just FOOD. If I can do it with this program, I should have been more miserly & been able to do it myself! But, since I am not smart enough (nor do I want to exert the effort) to "do" it all on my own, it is worthwhile to spend the $5 per month to be spoonfed (pun intended...) a list with recipes, directions and shopping list!

The menu's sure have been putting a lot of variety into our diets. This week we had Cheesy Chicken and Vegetables and another chicken dish called Chicken & Stuffing Casserole. Both were excellent. We gave them a 9.0 !

If you are looking for a deal or a break, and also want to try & save some $$, then you should think about joining the program. I'm not affiliated, I'm just a happy camper.



Anonymous said...

Definitely sign me up. I've been doing all that hard work myself and it takes a lot of thought and organization.

I love that menu plans take so much of the thought out of cooking though.

The Calico Quilter said...

I would love to have menu plans available that I don't have to think up every week. After nearly 35 years, I am "menu-ed" out. I have cooked everything I know once too often! The problem is that even when I make a menu, come time to cook dinner, my husband often decides that he doesn't want that, and I have to come up with another plan. So, I stock up on staples and veggies, keep the freezer loaded, and ask every morning "What do you want for dinner today?" It may not be efficient, but it keeps him happy! It helps that we don't cook very fancy stuff. Even with this "system" I seldom throw out food and don't waste much.