Friday, June 26, 2009

Adding to "The List"

Quilting Buddy #1 bought the latest issue of Quiltmaker magazine.

It had a BEAUTIFUL quilt on the cover called "30 Something" - that is not a guess on the patern name, that IS what it is called.....

I DO NOT need another project. Just don't. I am on a magazine diet. I only have one subscirption, to Fons & Porter / Love of Quilting. I didn't renew any of the other ones. (yes plural) I browse the mags while @ Wal Mart, but I have not bought one in a long time because I just have not seen any projects that jumped out and said: "Gurl, I am here for YOU, buy me!" BUT, I saw this issue on Bonnie Hunters blog & the cover quilt looked so NICE. Wal Mart didn't have the magazine. Quilting Buddy #1 had one. She lent it to me & I made a copy of the pattern from that magazine. (I am not selling it, I am not profiting from it, so please don't berate me for any type of CR issues.....i just don't want to hear it!) Anyway...THIS quilt has got to be on "The List" of quilts to make. It just has to!

I love it in the 30's colors that the designer has used, but I think it would look delightful in Thimbleberries or Civil War repros....Oh I am itching to sew it (no it's not the poison oak talking!)

On first glance, this pattern appears to be a variation of a doulbe wedding ring quilt. It is not, the blocks are actually made by making the "X", and then when set side by side, the pattern appears! 2Kool!

Anyway - if the photo loads properly, this is the quilt.

Nice, really nice!



Anonymous said...

Wow I love this.....the robbing peter to pay paul feel is amazing! I can see how and why it made this list of musts.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I saw this pattern in the store today, and I loved it too!! I just can't take on another project right now, so I'll have to enjoy it through you. Can't wait to see how it goes. I agree, I think it would look really great in CW repro.