Friday, February 11, 2011

Pantographs - Free Ones!

I have several sites that I order from. One is Willow Leaf Studios & the other is Urban Elementz. Sometimes I'll order from Columbia River or Kingsmen. Depends on the product & whether or not I need it NOW or not.

I like Willow Leaf becasue they have them rated: Easy / Intermediate / Advanced. I consider myself an advanced pantograph user, but sometimes you just don't WANT advanced. "Advanced" normally means DENSE. As in densely patterned. Tight. Lot's of stitches or lot's of changes in direction. Sometimes the quilt itself does NOT lend well to a dense quilting pattern. For instance - Flannel Quilts. Anything intricate is totally lost on an all flannel quilt. Or if the quilt has little teeny tiny peices. My Pineapple Quilt is one I would not have liked a dense pattern on.

I like Urban Elementz becasue they have some very un-traditional patterns. Many times you can match a quilt theme to one of thier patterns. You have to keep in mind, though, that you MIGHT not ever use that pantograph again, when it's themed. They have a panto-of-the-month program that I had belonged to, but since I was buying more pantographs than I was quilting for quilts for customers....well, I stopped the membership. However - they have WONDERFUL pantographs. No ratings though. I have found that U/E's pantographs are all dense. You are going to quilt a LOT if you use their pantographs!

I have an equal amount of Pantographs from W/L & U/E. But the purpose of my post today is to tell you - the readers that use a long arm or short arm quilting system - that Urban elementz has some new FREE Pantographs posted on thier wesite. Yes, I know - you have to print &'s free! What do you expect? They have "Leaping Lizards" & "Strawberry Fields" that are just too cute! You never know when you'll need JUST THAT pattern!

Get yours today!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Jane Block A-1

I have decided to TRY & make a Dear Jane Quilt. ONly, I'm a wimp. I am NOT doing one with blocks that finish 4.5 inches. No way. I am making it with my freind Chernal & QB1. And MY blocks finish @ 7.5. What's that? 200% bigger?

Here is block A-1

This is the mess I made to make ONE block. I used the backing fabric off my pineapple quilt & the border fabric from my pineapple quilt. I decided I'll just use what ever I can put my hands on. Nothing co-ordinated. So I have , wht?, 132 blocks left???? I think it will either make a 2 sided quilt, or more than one quilt. ONly time & effort will tell.

Here is a look at one of my *new* projects. I am making it in Red/White/Blue. Various shades of each. It is a variation of a "Lady-Of-The-Lake" pattern called "Belle Meade" by Bonnie Blue Quilts. I'm branching out a bit & using some papers that I already have instead of using the "triangle papers" the pattern calls for & I'm not silly enough to make ALL THOSE HST's without a method!

I should have got MUCH more done this weekend, but Saturday moring while taking my dogs out, I slipped & fell in the mud/snow & wrenched my back & bruised my thigh. I been moving around a little slow......THAT might be overstating my ability right now. I feel better than I did yesterday - but I can't move fast nor lift anything.

I'll tell ya......I'm sick of snow. It didn't last this time. But it made a muddy mess. Just tired of it. For a state that "doesn't get too much snow", we have had more than I have ever seen in my life. I don't know how people up north can stand it.