Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Rug Progress

12 Inches is all I have left to weave! I am so excited to get this far. Wehn I tore all my homespuns into strips I separated them into 2 baskets - hoping I could get 2 rugs from them. Not sure if I'll have to dip into the 2nd basket - but all I have of strips from ONE is what's on top of that green inverted basket! It's going to be close!

In the very top photo you can see a piece of wood that I have stuck behind the warp strips & sitting on top of the eyes on the side of the frame that hold the pencil rods - I weave about 4 or 5 rows & then measure from that stick. I use soemthing blunt but rigid (such as a crochet hook or what I'm using today is a broken paint brush end) to pack to move/adjust the rows to the smae measurement all the way across. this really wasn't an issue on the smaller rug - but it's VERY easy to high in the center & low on the sides on one this large. Sam

Big Rug Progress