Friday, June 19, 2009

Play Pretties

I bought 2 patterns while I was at Whittles on Monday.

I couldn't take photos of the patterns because it was too dark (when I thought of it) so I thought I could TRY to load "stock" photos. (anyone know if it's okay or NOT okay to do that on a blog????)Both are from Bonnie Blue Quilts. I love their patterns, and I love the little stories that they include. The Corn & Beans pattern is called CABIN CREEK, and the blue baskets quilt is called NELLIE'S WEDDING QUILT. For either one, you better like making half square triangles. Little ones.

Y'all need to check out the Whittles Bargain House website. You relaly , absolutely CAN NOT beat their prices. They had kits for quilts from a very popular webiste for HALF what I had seen! No joke. and they are the nicest people too.

Also - on Mother's Day, DD#1 gave me a gift card. I pre-ordered a book called SIMPLE COMFORTS by Kim Diehl. Nice ideas. Heavy on the primitive applique. My fav, of the whole book, is Cabin Cozy. A Log Cabin/Bear's Paw variation. Well, the book finally came this week. {Ha! Everytime I think of any Bear's Paw, I have to smile & remember my buddy MM}

I hope the pictures work like I want them too....I don't think the book cover is going to load.

On another note. I was worried aobut finding the right fabrics to make the baby quilt for DG#1. DD#2 chose a quilt from the "Critter's Dancing in the Moonlight" book by Linda Hoghag. Well, I did a search & found a KIT for the fabrics for the exact quilt that DD#2 wants me to make!! Whoo-Hoo Happy Dance!! I'll let you know wether or not I like what I bought or if I got ripped off. We'll see. I just hope that the fabrics look like animal's been really hard finding anything suitable. If they are good, I still have to make the quilt........Teeny Tiny applique peices.


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Janet said...

Blogger is not playing nice with you, the first pic is missing but oh how I love the 2 patterns you bought. I purchsed from Whittles once, Great service and even better for prices. Love them.