Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1st Quilted Quilt for 2013

I spent last weekend quilting 2 quilts. #1 was my "On Eagles Wings" & the other, i can't remember the name of the pattern. But it's gold & Blue

Here you go!

this is shown sideways & hanging off our deck railing. You are missing 2 rows in these photos.

Quilting pattern is from Urban Elementz. sort of a Fluer De lis type pattern. Still un-bound. I only finished it at 11PM on Saturday night.

This pattern is from Bonnie Blue Quilts. It's 6 blocks by 7. Again, you are seeing it sideways. also un-bound.

 I used a dark navy blue thread to TONE DOWN this chrome yellow. It was shockingly bright. I think I did okay. My daughter thinks so anyway.

 Back of the quilt. Quilting pantograph is from Urban Elementz.

Well that's it for now! I am off to start dinner. Sketti & sausage & garlic bread tonight ya'll.