Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot Dogs

As you can see. Both dogs were behaving very well.

They both found THE coolest spots in the bonus room & stayed there.

Of course, the favorite fat dog, found the sweet spot.

Had to give Bourbon a bath before he could come in. He's been my shadow all day. He has kept me in his line of view all day. Even in the bathroom......

He smells so nice too. All that will disappear when I return him to the dog pen later this evening. His feelings will be SO hurt!

Prince Charming removed the bug zapper (which did not perform as expected) and installed a flood light that points towards the dog pen. Last week he installed one that shines down on the steps going from the deck to the patio. Both are not too useful RIGHT NOW, but when it gets dark at 5PM, they will be priceless!


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