Sunday, July 28, 2013

Progress - On Point!

Today is a simply GORGEOUS day outside. Very low humidity & what do I spend my day doing? Well of course! Sewing!

Here is ONE block. I think I have 80 done.

Here is the first corner, minus the corner setting triangle. I put those on last so I don't lose the other ones in the process.

I am glad that I decided to set them on point, did that because if I straight set them, I think I'll need more blocks....but now that they're set on point? I think I'll have too many! We shall see.

The fabric that I am using is from my stash. I think I had more than 4 yards of it. I do not know how long I have had it aging it in my stash either. I picked it becasue I knew I'd need great big squares to cut the setting triangles out of (18.5 inches) and I didn't want it to be directional or BROWN since I am using a solid chocolate brown for the sashing. Don't be fooled, I had lots & lots to choose from in my stash, this stuff just looked like it would blend well enough NOT to compete with all the prints in the blocks and allow the blocks to look like they are flaoting. It works & I like it. And that's all that matters!

At this moment, I am going to put one more row on & then I am going to go bake a Banana Pound Cake. I have some over ripe bananas & want to USE them instead of tossing them. I am also going to bake a Blueberry Strusel Braid too, but I'll have to run to the sotre for some breadsticks dough for those!

Talk to Y'all Later!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Table Re-Finishing

This will (I hope) eventually end up for my daughter. It has about 6 layers of paint! Maybe I am exagerating, but not by much. I did not get a before bpicture. I regret that. I should plan these things out better!

The orange gel stuff is that Citri-Strip stuff. It's the least toxic & has the least amount of fumes - that I have found so far. but I have removed the layers of white paint & I am now working on more layers. Green & yellow, I think! That's BEFORE I get to whatever color stain the wood had originally.

What Have I Been Working On ??????

You might ask that! I have been busy with my real job. And I travelled all last week. I am a homebody. For real. I was in Arkansas to meet & give some training to some of the other sites there. Anyway...

Below is a picture from Quilters Newsletter Magazine. The pattern is supposed to be free off thier website, but everytime *I* click on the pdf hickie do, it gives me an error message. I got the magaine pages with the instructions from Diane (Miller - of my quilt guild).

I have the last round of logs to complete on about 42 (roughly half) blocks & I can start setting them. I think I have 80 blocks. I am probably going to set them on point, as I think it would take 99 to straight set them, and I really (REALLY!!!) don't want to make more blocks. So we'll see how far I get this week.

I failed to read the instructions correctly & my bolcks are one more round larger than the instructions tell you to do. But since I'd already cut up 80 fat quarters, I wasn't going to waste the strips. I cut strips for the Barn Loft as well as my Everlasting Wreath Quilt. (Pretty sure I have more than enough strips cut now!) Since I am fairly certain that I am setting the blocks on-point, I need to shop my stash for something to use for the setting triangles.

Apeaking of stash. On Saturday I attended the TVQA meeting that was held in Winchester. Those girls did a GREAT job of hosting the meeting. The speaker at the meeting was Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. She is the pattern designer for "on Eagles Wings" and the "Everlasting Wreath". Little bitty woman too! She is from Poland & just recently an American citizen. So cute! She inflected a lot of humor into her dialogue and it was very nice! I have never been to one of these meetings. And I nearly wasn't able to attend this one. #1 I wasn't registered #2 They ran out of space. BUT !!! #3 I had a freind that was registered & could not attend. So I got to go! I am very glad that I did. After lunch we went to Decherd Needleworks. FQ's $1 each. I stocked up - that's where the "speaking of stash" comes in......I enhanced my stash!  I had wanted to purchase one or two of the new patterns by Edyta Sitar, but her tables were 5 people deep. I'll order them on line instead. (I'm not a crowd person)

So? In a nutshell, you now know what I have been working on! I promise to post pictures soon. After I get the Barn Loft Quilt sent off to the longarm quilter, I'll start on the grandson's I-Spy Quilt for Christmas & then revert back to my Everlasting Wreath Quilt.

Talk to you later!

PS - for Donna ~ I love making quilts way more than I like quilting them. I sold the longarm in May. I think i MIGHT have quilted a dozen quilts INCLUDING mine in 18 months.