Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hugs & Kisses Update

Somehow I ended up with 4 extra blocks. I don't know how I did that......I thought I had the math figured out perfect.

Well, it's no surprise. My math is bad!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hugs And Kisses

Well, that's what the blocks look like to me right now......That may change. This is only 1/3 of the 46 that I have done. All the backgrounds are various different Thimbleberries cream prints.

The body of the quilt will be these "X" blocks, then there will be an appliqued border & then an outer border of bowtie blocks.

Hugs And Kisses, X-Box, X Marks the Spot, X's & O's, I can't decide how I'll name it!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Electronic Woes

Well, the DSL has been down all week.

I couldn't get on the internet or check email or anything.

I have 46 blocks finished from the previous post!

Maybe I'll get around to posting photos this weekend. We'll see!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project Idea

Last night I sewed a little on the Double Pinwheels Quilt. I now have enough strip sets sewn together to finish enough blocks to make a queen sized quilt. Problem is........I get sidetracked.

The Connecting Threads brochure came in the other day. Normally, I just throw them out, but Bourbon won't eat his food unless I sit in the kitchen while he eats. So I like to leave something on the kitchen table to read while it takes him all of 10 minutes to eat his food....Well, Connecting Threads has some really nice stuff. None of which I NEED. WANT, sure, NEED? Not so much.

They are having a 40% off sale on their books. And I saw a pattern in one of the books that I would like to do. I mean, come on, I NEED another quilt book like I need a tongue piercing. But I do not want to buy a new book. I have enough. So what is a girl to do?

Figure it out without a book.

I don't know the name of the quilt IN the book, but the BOOK is called "Stash Magiic" by Jaynette Huff. I found it on And they SHOW pictures of each quilt in the book. How great for me! The quilt that I like is the Bow Tie quilt. It has them set in crosses (or X's)with alternating blocks of applique. and then Bow Ties in the outer border. While I just LOVE the inner appliqued border , I do not like the alternating applique blocks in the body. I want to make all the blocks int he body of X's, then the appliqued border, then the outer border of Bow Ties. So, I sat down to figure the math.

Keep in mind, i am not mathmatically inclined. So it all has to be in easily divisible numbers. I can get the block in 8 & 12 inches. But I am not smart enough, nor do I want to deal in fractions, to get it to be 9 or 10 inches. 8 inches is a good easy size.

I made 2 test blocks. I like the block on the left, best. The little triangles are 1.75 instead of 1.5 and they give the bowtie image a little more heft. I am going with those!

This si only going to be a scrap project, so it likely will not get finished for a WHILE. How long is a while? I dont' ask myself that question. YOU might ask it of me, but I don't ask it of myself. 2 years, or better. After all, it DOES have an appliqued border. That's going to take some time. Lot's of time!!

I love sidetracks........they can be so exciting.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday Quilt

I finished the binding on the Pink & Brown Quilt & gave it to DD#1 last Friday.

Monday (the 11th) is guild - so before I go to guild I will run to DD#1's house & pick up HER quilt so that I can sew the label on it & then I can get a photo of it & post on here for all y'all to see.

She really loves it & said that it's very warm. I used a high loft poly batting - but the quilting was very dense - I thought I may have quilted out all the warmth. Eveidently not!

I have been lazy, lazy, lazy........I dragged out an old project I had been working on. I know it's OLD because I have pictures on this blog of where I did 2 test blocks - it's the Double Pinwheel - ala Eleanor Burns. I started THOSe blocks while I still lived in Alabama.

Tonight is our sit-&-sew. QB1 is supposed to come over. I will TRY (try now) to get some photos done & up on this blog. I'm telling you, I am being SO lazy. I don't know if we WILL be able to have the S&S because the wather may not permit it. We're all gearing up for SNOW. BOO! I hate the foul weather. I want to sew. And I want to see QB1 - I think we NEED some girl time. We had a little S&S last Saturday. & another QB came that I hadn't seen in over a month. We really DO have so much fun, sitting around & sewing.