Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on "Me the Whimp"

Well, it's official, I have Posion Oak.

Stopped by the Urgent Care last night & the wait time was 3 hours to see the doctor. So i went this morning. I waited 25 minutes....anyway....the DR told me that I waited too long to come & see him. The rash on my arm & on my abdomen are equal to 2nd degee burns.

I am in pain. Itch all the time. And, since I stopped biting my nails (yay me!) I have weapons of mass destruction attached to my fingers.....ugh!

He gave me a steroid shot & prescriptions for Silver Sulfidine cream, steroid pills & an anithistimine.....said it should take 3 or 4 days to clear up.

I tried to tough it out, with Calamine Lotion & Benedryl gel. It was no go. Either of them only lasted long enough to dry. Once dry, the effectiveness no longer existed. So? I HAD to go to the doctor!

I am feeling much better, but my abdomen still feels like it's on FIRE. And it keeps spreading....I look like I sunburned.....


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Barb said...

How miserable.....hope it clears up soon.