Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spaghetti Cupcakes

Remeber back amonth (or longer) ago when I bought that "Hello Cupcake" book?

Here is my 2nd attempt at decorating cupcakes.

the company i work for is having the first round of lay-off's and one of the scale operators is being let go. Friday was her last day. I volunteered to make spaghetti & meatball cupcakes. First off, she's relaly young & really gullible & I used that to my advantage & i did not let anyone know that the cupcakes were NOT real spaghetti & meatballs. The noodles are just squiggled cream cheese frosting, the sauce is strawberry jelly, the meatballs are Ferrer Roche hazelnit Chocolates, and the grated cheese is grated white choclate.

I also made REAL spaghetti & meatballs. making spaghetti & meatballs for 15 was a LOT OF WORK !!! Especialy the meatballs. I mixed & patted 10 pounds of hamburger & sausage to make enough meatballs.

Both were a huge hit & the cupcakes were so sweet to eat. Very nice.

the "stand" is what my very dear neice Capucine got for me for Christmas. I had orginally told her I was wanting something sewing related & then I told her I wanted this cupcake stand, she was confused on how I was going to be using this cupcake stand fpr anything sewing related.......I'm NOT using it for anything sewing related....totally cupcake related.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flying Home / Quilt Top

I was surfing around in blog land last week & came across a blog that had a quilt I recognized. I think it was BARB. i hope she didn't get tired of waiting on me to post photos of MY quilt. I made this a long time ago. I KNOW it was longer than 5years. Maybe even 7. I can't remember if I made it BEFORE DD#1 went to college or after she clue. i might do what Barb has done & add additional borders, but I'll do that when i am closer to getting it quilted. i probably WON'T add additional borders to the top portion of the quilt, since it's pretty long.
Sorry Barb, i don't know how to link your blog to my posting...I'll still blog challenged..
Well, here is MY Pam Bono Quilt! Sure had to follow the instructions closely.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interesting Block & Following the directions......

I was blog surfing late last night (up with an upset stomach...) and went to a blog that was linked from Bonnie Hunter's site. I think it was called "Quilt Hollow" ( Well, in one of her earlier posts (before Christmas) and she had this neat little quilt with this really grafic postivie/negative block. She had instructions posted for it, and I really wanted to do some sewing, but not too much because (again) I wasn't feeling very well this weekend....
So? I read the instructions, look at the block. Read the instructions, look at the block....I was really really CONFUSED. I tried 3 times to get the block to work with the instructions provided. Well, guess WHY I couldn't get the block to work. Got any ideas? Well, it was because I was using the WRONG ruler. I had made SO many of those little square in a square blocks from the Mystery Quilt that I automatically glossed over the instructions when it said to use the "Companion Angle" ruler and my brain read "Easy Angle" ruler. Both from "EZ". So i tried, extrememly unsuccessfully to construct this block. Which , by te way, is called "Night & Day". Okay, well ! Once I used the correct ruler, it was easy peasy! The directions used 1.25 inch strips. I'm NOT that ambitious, I used 2 inch strips.
the blocks at the top of this post, are the result of following the instructions correctly & using the correct ruler! there are 16 triangles per block. it just seemed intimidating with the 1.25" strips! I did need to "pinwheel" the center seams , on the back where the 4 sub-units all come together, so that the seams lay flat. (Thank you Eleanor Burns, for that little trick!)
maybe I can make a few of these blocks, every once in a while, and then I'll have a quilt!
We'll see!

Oh, I nearly forgot, the ruler onthe RIGHT is the CORRECT ruler. The ruler on the left, was not the correct one to use to make this block. I simply could NOT make it work, no matter how hard I tried. Just not the right angle!


My Star Struck Quilt

Well, since I struck out on the Mystery Quilt (pun intended)I decided to finish my Star Struck Quilt. I worked on it during the week, not too much this weekend. i haven't felt really well this weekend...
Anyway, i like the way this turned out. I STARTED this quilt in 2007, it's 2009...I TOLD you, I am bad at keeping a timeline/deadline/commitment to myself. But I guess it's a good thing that I make quilts, then, because I can just about pick-up/drop & re-assume any progress I want! SWEET !!
So far, I have bought nothing to complete this quilt. I will not even use any fabric that I bought before Christmas from the shop in Kentucky!
I am going to put a solid brown 2 inch inner border on & a 6 inch green Thimbleberries print for the outer border & the binding. The best part? I EVEN have a backing fabric that has a gold tone to it!
See? This is why I have a stash!
Once I get the borders on, I'll post another photo! Probably won't be until next week, I'm not great at posting onto my blog during the week. Life, it just get's busy, you know?


Mystery Quilt / Post #2

I confess of 2 things. #1 I looked at all the steps of the Mystery Quilt from Quiltville. #2 I'm horrible at keeping commitments to myself. but y'all have heard me tell you that before....Anyway, I did all of step one & I just got really bored with it. I'll finish it, just not this week. I like my colors, I LOVE Bonnie's colors & I picked as close to her's as I could get with what I have...anyway - I am HORRIBLE and finishing anything on a time line. Just rotten. I hate deadlines. For myself...
So? Here's where it sits until the mood strikes me to finish it or do another step. Sometimes it's a year or 2!! I'm like that, you know!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mystery Quilt / Post #1

here are my fabric choices for the mystery quilt "Double Delight".

I am woefully behind, as she has ALREADY posted step #4 and I don't even have step #1 finished yet!

My cutting mat is a lime green one from Wal-Mart and it makes these fabrics look so washed out & I also took the photos at night & it's more than a little dark in upstaris in our bonus room (I do nearly all my sewing at night)...I have shirtings, multiple pinks, multiple blues & multiple browns. I don't have any "cheddars", I am using "golds" or what resembles gold to me. I refuse to go buy more fabric, it's not like I NEED fabric, so I was determined to make it from stash. the only thing I'll consdier as a "need" to purchase, will be borders for this project.....

Speaking of mats, I like this brand, because even though they are the same price as other mats, they are double sided...but dang if they are not the STINKIEST mats! Smells like a skunk took up residence in my sewing area! Blek!


Star Struck / UFO #3

I was trying to get a 3rd project finished before 2009 rolled in.

I got side tracked making Bonnie Hunter's New Year's mystery quilt.

This IS NOT the mystery quilt, it's what I got done BEFORE I pt it away to start the mystery quilt.

I am absolutely POSITIVE that I started this Star Struck quilt in early 2007. I have piddled with it , on & off, since then but I wanted to finish it before 2009 and I didn't get to it! I have all the sub-units sewn into blocks and I have about 1/3 of the blocks sewn into rows & I grabbed off the sewing table & stuck it on a box so I could start another project.

Once I have all the blocks sewn together, I'll post another photo. I don't have any idea what colors that I want to go with for the borders......The main color of the "stars" in this quilt are dark green & creams. The accent colors are gold & brown. Maybe a solid dark brown inner border & a green print outer border? I have no clue.....and there are NOT enought blocks to go borderless.