Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gift Registries

anybody that really knows me, KNOWS I am a non-traditionalist. Non-Traditional when it comes to my life. Extrememly traditional on other aspects. A big-see-saw.....Conservative, liberal....all rolled into one.

Too much to put into words...

ANYWAY - DD#2 comes home for the weekend & we went & "Registerd" at Babies-R-Us & Taget for the baby. I never did that. Not for either baby.

Let me tell you...I was very Who knew that there was more than ONE breast pump to buy?

The baby STUFF that is available now a days is overwhelming. Overwhelming. It goes on forever. Rows & rows & rows of baby STUFF.

We got through it. No arguments. No bickering. It was a nice pleasant day.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Give A-Way

Go to this site:

& see Barb.

She has a giveaway!

So does Greg - but I think his was limited to the first 3 commentorss.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bunny Applique Block

Though I am deligently downloading the "Bunny Hill BOM" - THIS Bunny is not from those...This bunny is for the Baby Quilt.

Block #2 ! I like this Bunny. He is too cute! when I turned it right side out - I was apprehensive about how it would end. Before I got all the edges smooted out , my QB#1 told me it looked like a new born did, too! But not now.

It's "block #2" because I made it 2nd - I don't think there's any order is good enough.

There is supposed to be a little appliqued inner ear pink piece. Ha ! I'm going to embroider that one there. Also - I cut out & sewed & turned the teeny tiny tail - but QB#1 had a GREAT suggestion! She said "how about a little white pom-pom?" Eureka! What an idea! Sot hat's what I am going to do!

I think it's a little blurry - but you get the idea....


Friday, August 21, 2009

Insane Applique???

Ah! Ha Ha Ha Ha !

Talk about biting off more than I can chew! Ha Ha Ha! Isn't it great that I can laugh at myself???

DD#2 is having grandchild #1 - Due in December. Well, I told DD#2 that she could pick the quilt. Well, silly me, I provided the books!

I have several books/patterns by Brandywine Designs, authored by Linda Hohag. You ever SEEN any of those? Cute, cute , cute. Beyond adorable. I bought these books YEARS ago. But , at that time, my girls were too old to want something this cutesie.

Do you know how many appliqued quilts I have EVER done? 3. Just 3. One had blanket stitched stars on it, one had machine satin stitched butterflies, and the last one has needle turned leeaves & hearts on the border. Just 3.

This one, I'll tell you, will be a challenge. Yup, definately a CHALLENGE.

The book I am using is called "Critters Dancing in the Moonlight". I am making the "Critter Corner Quilt". 17 appliqued DANCING animals.

This is my first of the animals. I hope, that by posting my progress, I get them all done & the quilt constructed before DGC#1's arrival. (besides that, it's been a little peice since I had a post with QUILTING.....)

See how tiny these peices are? Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha. DD#2 says - "Momma, when you get this done, can we hang it on the wall?" Oh, yeh, baby PLEASE hang it on the wall. I'd at least like to look at this one for a little while after it's made - because I likely won't ever make another one. That's a lie. A big lie. I been dying to make one of these a long time now.

I'd like to make the "Alpha-Bears" quilt too. But I think I'll save another insane applique quilt of this caliber when DD#1 decides to have a family & children too. I figure I'm good for ONE extrememly difficult quilt per kid. After that - it's a free for all....I get to make what I want when I want!

It's not much to look at right now - but this is the MOUSE !!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I came home early today to TRY & get rid of a rotten headache. So far, I have not been successful. Nasty, rotten headache. Making me sick at my stomach. And my personality exceptionally unbarable. To say it bluntly: I'm being ugly.

Oddly enough, I started getting these headaches this time last year. I chalked it up to stress over moving. Been a few months since I've had one, but I have one TODAY !

I took a nap - but my arm kept falling asleep, so I got up to take care of the animal chores.

I hate this headache. It's awful. I COULD use a LOT more adjectives, but being a potty mouth on line isn't very polite - I don't feel like being polite right now, but I will spare you the blue cloud of adjectives I am walking around in. Not pretty, I am sure you will agree....

At any rate - I am off to La-La Land early. It's still light & will be for another 1 & a half hours. I brought the guard dog in to keep me company. Since Prince Charming is going to be very late tonight & I took something that SHOULD knock me out in about 40 minutes - I want another dog to keep me company.

Notice I didn't say "safe"? There is nothing here to be paranoid or scared of. Extrememly normal, passive, ultra-safe neighborhood. I've never felt better in my life, here in this area....but since I'm not feeling well, I want the guard dog.

Don't laugh at him. He really IS the guard dog. I promise you he is. That's my Bourbon. I keep him all groomed up and shaved. Looks like a giant Cocker Spaniel. he is NOT freindly. I have owned "big" dogs all my life, and this sweet little baby is more aggressive than either of the Rottweillers I owned. I promise you he is.

I have a 100# German Shepherd too - pretty boy here - Bourbon - is the more aggressive of the 2. Briscoe - the shepherd, is learning. Soon I'll have 2 guard dogs. Bourbon though, he's quite the Momma's Boy. Stays within a 10 foot radius of me. Won't even let the favorite fat dog STAY near me. he lets her come to me to be petted, but not to lay next to me.

Well - enough of my headache & enough of my passion for my pets - I'm off to sleep - no post is ever complete without a photo - so here's the guard dog in all his glory.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Project

These are my neighbors roses. They are called Knock Out Roses. They are really beautiful and he said that they chop them down a lot. They smell good too. Sounded like a low maintenence plant to us.

The soil in this area is very poor. We fondly refer to it as "Tennessee Top Soil". AKA - rocks!

So we set out to build an appropriate planter.

83 blocks, 23 caps, 34 bags of "inhanced soil" and 11 bags of decorative rock (instead of mulch), 2 days, 3 people, 5 rose bushes later....AND THIS IS WHAT WE GOT !!!!

I really LOVE it!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


My buddy - let me tell you - we been buddies a LONG time. Years. Lots of them....


My Buddy @ Mia's Cottage has the cutest pincushions for sale.

Visit her here:


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Guild

The 2nd Monday & 4th Saturday of every month, our guild meets.

Many people don't beleive there are as many members as we have.

These photos show roughly half of us. Top photo, left side, orange chair on the inside row. That's where I always sit. That's my set up & that's QB1 on the far left side of the photo. We had a blast.

I got to attend nearly ALL day. I got a lot of sewing done.

It's a VERY good thing that we have to wear name tags, I am the world's worst at remembering names....


Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Sewing Space

Seems folks are showing their sewing spaces.

This is mine.

The longarm is downstairs in the basement.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009