Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Sick Baby

My baby DOG has not been herself for about the last week. Exactly 9 days.

Loss of appetite, incontenence, and in the last 2 days passing out. I took her to the vet this morning. Moping around, in & out constantly.

And after extensive tests, she has Lyme Desease.

I never pulled the 1st tick off her this past summer!

She is on medication and I don't know how long it will be before she shows signs of feeling even a little better.

All y'all know how emotionally attached to this DOG that I am! I am a basket case right now & She won't have anything to do with me because of the indignities that I made her suffer through this morning.

I hope that she feels better soon. Like immediately. That's asking too much , I know....She's going on 11 years old. I know I won't have her forever, but I did think & still hope that I'll have her longer than just today. It's so hard to figure out what is wrong with a dog - they can't talk, and belive me, I listen. She probably wishes that I didn't I talk to her (or is it AT?) her all the time. Even Prince Charming asks me WHO I am talking too.......after all this time - you'd think he had it figured out? Maybe?

I have no idea why she parked herself between those 2 stacks of books. I pulled them all out yesterday because one of the shelves in that plastic cabinet collapsed & I have to get something to to stiffen the shelf to hold the weight of my notebooks & quilt/craft books. I probably need to get something set under them too....You can see them bowing under the weight of the books on the bottom shelf... under the doors! Hey! They said "heavy duty".....they are utility cabinets by Black & Decker from Lowe's - not built for books....I'll tell you that.

I hope my dog feels better soon. I hate seeing her in this condition. At the end of the day, I know, she's STILL a dog - but please send good thoughts her way. I'm really, really REALLY worried aobut her recovery. If there are any of my fellow blogers out there that can tell me anything about what a DOG with Lyme Desease can expect & what I should expect, I'd sure like to know. I've cried all morning.

thank you - if you know anything.........


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbow Brite

Isn't that what these colors remind you of? Rainbow Brite?

This is a donation quilt. It is the "Trip-Around-the-World" ala Bonnie Hunter.

I was trying to get go-along pictures but the ones that I took last night were too dark - I don't think the flash went off because , last night, I was facing the Ott Light and the flash didn't go off & they were simply too dark to save & post.

Anyway, All I lack now is to put the last 2 rows on. The one on top & the one on bottom. I will have to post pone putting the borders on because I failed to get extra of any color for the inner border. The outer border is going to be the turquise color. I already have it, but nothing for the inner border.

I bought this stuff so long ago, I don't know if the shop that I got it from still has any, but I will send a sample with Prince Charming to go to the shop & see, while he is in Camden next week. THEN I can finish it.

Please don't ask me why I decided to sew this quilt today, I have much more on my plate that needs to be done, that I could have done, that I SHOULD have done. But you know what? I have enjoyed my day sewing today. And that's what matters most.

It's an eye-popper ain't it!!


What Is This ???

Do you know?

This is a Thermax Mini-Max - Water Based Air Purifier & Air Freshener. (in order to get it right I had to read the box)

I went into the "local" sewing machine/vacuum store yesterday to ask about a "cover-stitch" machine. Trying to find out what the advantages of having a cover-stitch machine would be. There does not seem to be any advantage....It's a double needle decorative stitch machine. Period. I can DO that wtih my regular machine...however - I really would have like to test drive one out.

Anyway - I'm in the shop & they have Dyson vacuums. He did a demo with the Dyson & the Riccar vacuums. I dont' want a Dyson anymore. I want a Riccar. Pricey little devil, but impressed me! Big time. I even made him "do" the demo with 2 different machines because I wanted to make sure the Dyson wasn't performing & the Riccar WAS. I am still impressed, but buying one will have to wait until after the New Year.


While I am there, he has THIS little jobbie running. Sounds like a little miniature dryer when it's running. He said it's an air purifier/freshener. Well, as you all know, I have a big fat dog. A House Dog. she is a bassett hound & she smells all the time. All the time. Even after a bath. Matter of fact - she smells worse after a bath. Anyway - I bought one. Brought it home - filled it up - and I have been running it for about 24 hours. I am sold on it.

I bought the "Baked Apple" scent - he had - oh I don't know - 50 different scents? to choose from. You fill to the MAX line & put in a few drops, turn it on & it does it's job. Well. We spend 85-90% of our time in our bonus room, so does the dog, and there is no dog odor. Sure - you smell the dog if you sit on HER loveseat - that is to be expected. It's not overpowering - it's subtle. Nice. Humidifies too.

Anyway - price? $69.99 plus tax & plus the additional scent. Pricey? Maybe. but the candles that work the best are the Yankee Candles & those babies cost $24.99 per candle. I use about 2 of those a month. I'd use more but I can't stand spending that much on a CANDLE. And , of course, you can't leave a candle buring when you're gone or not in the room. And you NEVER leave a candle buring if you have a curious cat. Anyway - I figure I will have saved myself the $$ in buying candles inside ONE month....

Don't mind my dust when you look at the pictures either. Martha Stewart don't live here & housecleaning only gets done when it bothers me. It don't bother me MUCH.

Ha Ha Ha

It's a good little machine. Get you one.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I have!

Been sewing that is!

I just have not been able to take pictures...

Friday the 16th (or was it the 17th?) I dragged out my paperpeiced pineapple blocks & boldly decided that I would get 25 done this weekend. I got 25 blocks HALF WAY done. Laid out what I had, and I keep changing my mind how many I need. this weekend it seems that I only need 99 blocks for the body. 4 corner blocks & 40 border blocks. 143. Each with 37 peices. What's the math? More than I got fingers........over 5000 peices.....If I ever get this quilt done, it will NEVER leave my house. Just not going to happen.

I longarm quilted 2 quilts for QB1.

I cut strips out for a Trip Around The World ( ala Bonnie Hunter) quilt to donate to my guild.

I have also laid out stretch knit fabric to make 2 maternity shirts for DD#2. Pinning some of that jersey knit is frustrating. But they are going to look really nice.

Longing looked at the applique blocks that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get started & finished on the baby quilt for DD#2.......that didn't happen either. (could someone please tell me WHY I can't get motivated?)

That's all the sewing stuff I have done since last Friday.

TODAY I worked late because I have to me in a meeting the next 2 days....came home fed the big dogs, and started chopping down some of my Angel Trumpet. I cut the stalk into about 8 inch peices & dipped them in some of that "rooting compound" and put them into pots & brought them into the basement garage. Also cut some peices off my Hydrangeas...then I rant o Lowe's & bought some gro-light bulbs - Prince Charming will make something to hang the lights from this weekend so we can bring in all the yonger plants. I am NOT a gardener, but I LOVE the Hydrangeas and DD#1 wanted some of the Angel Trumpet (so did QB1 - she came & got a stalk too) I just don't want all my efforts wasted....There are still more stalks on this Angel Trumpet! This baby was a monster.

There will be no sewing on Wednesday or Thursday because of the meeting. maybe I can get something pretty posted by this time next week.

We shall see. Guild Saturday Sit N Sew is this Saturday....don't know what plans will pop up before then, but it would be nice to sit & sew all day!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Made Baby Clothes

I have been buying a BUNCH of fabric & a BUNCH of patterns to make clothing for my *new* grandson.

He makes his arrival in December. (see the previous post)

I used to make a lot of clothing for my girls whent hey were younger. If you have sewn clothing a term in sewing called "a muslin" is what this example is!

I found some XL twin size sheets @ WalMart that had been returned. Got them super (I mean super) cheap. $6 for the set. Took them home - wahsed them & cut the fitted sheet up to use as my muslin for this baby outfit. I didn't work with stretchy fabric very much when i sewed for the girls. These sheets lack "body" & were not the easiest to sew with. But they are SOFT. Very, very soft.......

Anyway - this took me about 3 hours - start to finish - to complete. I am sure that these ourfit will be easier when it's being sewn in a larger size....getting those little teeny tiny leg cuffs sewn & the arm cuffs sewn was a challenge.

Hopefully - sewing on the "good" fabric will be an improvement.

Remember - this is just the TEST article - DD#2 said she'll have him wear them anyway. I doubt that, as she'll have to get this to her house for him to wear them & right now - this isn't leaving MY house - I want it as a visual aid to tweak for the next outfit.

The pattern is from NEW CONCEPTIONS. I never even read the instructions to make this! I only needed to know how long to cut the elastic for the waist - otherwise - I just winged it.

Cute , cute!

I bought some red/green/white "Ooga" fabric to make a coming home fromt he hospital outfit. Also - coordinating red/green/white stripe to make pants & a hat. He'll look like a little elf.......

That is a standard 45mm rotary cutter for size comparison & the chest has a double layer. One thing I would like to "tweak" on this pattern? To make the shirt a little LONGER. I'd like to add about 2 inches to it.

I do have apattern for a onsie & a gown - but I really like the double layer on this shirt.

Whatcha think?

The Baby Bump

This is DD#2 @ 30 weeks.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Purple Room BEFORE

It really was purple....very purple...and the previous homeowner didn't know how to hang ANYTHING without a 10-penny nail. If you don't know what a 10 is - it's as big as a J or G crochet hook....there were Bunches of nail holes to fill.

Cute for a kid - but it did nothing to compliment my tastes..

The "white" is after 2 coats of primer! And you could still see the purple bleeding through...

I used Benjamin Moore Paint - "Moonlight". Yellow is such a nice color. Passive. Happy. Goes with just about anything...Mellow. Soothing. I don't think you can go to sleep angry in this room now!


Here is the Purple Room AFTER

Still lack hanging the knickknack shelf & hemming the curtains.


Stash Post 1 of 2

I won't make any type of reslution. None. but I figured I'd show you my stash....

Don't look for the happy homemaker - cuz I'm not - "up" on housecleaning - it's just not on my list of priorities!

I heard about showing your 2009 stash here: WHIMZEE'S STITCHES

(thanks Chris - I think I was able to MAKE the link...)

Behind closed doors is SO nice!


Stash Post 2 of 2

For Want of Batteries!!!

Two nights in a row, I have come home & forgot to stop & get batteries. I even went to Target yesterday (during lunch) & forgot them.

I work in Nashville - it's not difficult to FIND a place that sells batteries..... you know?

Ok - so why do I need the batteries??

Because my blog is boring without photos of what I am keeping myself busy with!

I took before & after photos of the purple room - but for the lack of batteries - I can't load them onto my computer.

Maybe I'll remember them on my way home tonight.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning ! Learning!

Just added a "gadget" to my blog!


I added a gadget for where I shop!

I won't post any websites/stores on here if I have NOT used them.

So far - the ONLY one I have on there is my buddy Kyra. She is a personal friend. I have known her many years. We had the pleasure of working with one another for several years.

We electronically correspond with each other frequently - I sure miss her company. I also miss going to dinner together druing the week.

She has toddlers & they are SO CUTE! Give me baby urges. Good thing there is a grandbaby headed my way!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Busy - No Sewing - Picaso - I am not!

Last weekend, DD#1 & Prince Charming & I started work on the purple room. We got both coats of primer on but did not get any paint on.

So On Monday night, after work, I painted the trim work & rolled the first coat of "yellow" on the walls.

Tuesday - my shoulder hurt too bad to do any painting. Wednesday, after work, I put coat #2 on it. Thursday, Prince Charming & I pulled up the plastic & blue tape. i vacuumed really well & we put the furniture back in it.

Let's just say: I do not miss the purple. Not one little bit.

Friday, after work, I went to Ace Hardware & got 2 more gallons of the yellow "moonlight" paint for the 2nd spare bedroom.

Saturday, we went to Lowe's & got some new rollers, i did laundry (thanks to my washer being in working order again!) and I took a nice long nap.

SUNDAY - well Sunday - we got busy again. First of all, it's rained all day. Not hard, but steady. A very good day to spend napping...but NNNNNOOOOOoooooo, I wanted to paint.

We emptied the 2nd bedroom, and put all the furniture into the old purple room, laid down plastic & I started putting the first coat of paint on the trim. I say "trim", but it's below the crown molding & above the baseboards. Since the crown moulding & the baseboards are already a high gloss white - they're staying that. We got lucky & didn't have to prime this room because it's already sort of a yellow - but it's a baby poop mustard yellow - I didn't like it - so it's getting painted the SAME "Moonlight" yellow as the OTHER room. Prince Charming rolled the walls. We started the 2nd coat around 4 & finished at 6. I closed the door & am leaving it like that until Monday. I am tired of painting and after you look at such a light color for so long - you can't see where you've been....

I love that Benjamin Moore paint. Expensive - but well worth it. $44 a gallon. Let's just say - you get what you pay for. I like GOOD paint.

"Moonlight" is a very livable yellow. In Alabama , I had it in my kitchen & in my downstairs guest room. however - the house in Alabama had dark wood stained trim around the windows & the baseboards were dark wood too and the ceilings were textured. It was nice - & it made the yellow seem a little darker - since THIS house has high gloss white trim (basboards & crown moulding and white ceilings)the yellow seems so much lighter...but I STILL love it.

Next up for paint? Can't decide betweent he dining room or the master bedroom. The dining room is currently RED. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red. But let me tell you - you can not go "themeless" with a red dining room. Can't put green in there or it looks like Christmas - Can't put blue or white in there or it looks like the 4th of July. While I like both holidays, the red is so dark that it looks like a cave off the kitchen. Sot he RED is going.

For the dining room - I found a page int he latest Paula Deen magazine that I am going to try & recreate. So , the dining room is going green. Sage Green. On the LIGHT side of Sage. Green plaid curtains, and light colored chair seat covers. I'll need a rug for under the table. And I am keeping the lower part the high gloss white that it is. This is what I am going to try to do - only I have only ONE window - and obviously - my dining room is NOT this large - I am NOT buying new furniture either - AND I am not going to put the dingle balls on the curtains (I figure that's just asking for the cat to play with them and dust to live!!!) AND since I have a nice custom set of Levelor Blinds, I won't have the green shade I am going to SORT OF copy this idea!! The picture at the top - is what I am going to try & RE-CREATE - NOT what I have aleady done.....

For the master bedroom? No clue. I just know that that dark green depresses me. Seriously. It's just too dark. Green is okay - just not hunter green. Not for me. That color compliments my quilts VERY well, but it does nothing for my mood or nothing for how I feel about the room. I ONLY want to be in there to sleep. Just can not bring myself to like that dark green. Prince Charming likes it, though. But he said he really does not care what color it is - but not blue. No problem.

All this, that I have completed this week...there has been ZERO sewing. I'm going into withdrawls.....


Ku Dos - To a Company...

On Sept 19th my quilt guild went to a quilt show in Hunstville,Alabama.

It was a good show. One item I really wanted while I was there was a Cureve Mater foot, by Martelli Enterprises.

I had one before, but with the "move" from AL to TN - I have inconveiniently LOST it or misplaced it or simply misplaced it...I don't know. I didn't have it & I wanted to use it on the "30 Something" quilt.

Well, blessings for me! Martelli was there & I bought one. Dude at the booth told me it was his last one. Goodie for me! $32 later - I was a happy camper.

Well, the next day I did 2 things. #1 tried out the new foot & #2 found my old one.

Once I knew what I was supposed to be looking for, I found my old one in my little presser foot keeper box. BUT ! the one I bought at the show was a 5/8" foot. Now tell me, WHY would they sell a 5/8 foot at a quilt show???????

So , I called the company , to see , if MAYBE, they would exchange the 5/8's for a 1/4"???

Well, they DID ! I paid shipping to them & they paid it back to me. I am a Happy Camper.

Now I have 2 !