Thursday, July 31, 2014

Everlasting Wreath Progress

I brought this to work today so that I could have LOVELY assistants hold it up so I can get a few pictures. I put the blue painters tape on the edges (missed some!) to keep the paper intact - I NEED it to sew the blocks together and as many times as the blocks have to be rotated to be sew together - the paper is getting very fragile. Ona side note: As my lovely assistants are holding htis up for me - a driver at the window asked me if it was HANDSEWN? I replied NO. He says.....wait for it..... "If it's not handmade, it's not a real quilt!" You know what my response was???? Yah? How many have YOU made? - He says I *helped* my grandmother make ONE. Yah - he KNOWS so much about quilts right??? That comment set me off, I'll tell ya!!!
Ya'll Have A Good Day Now! M

Friday, July 18, 2014

No, I DO NOT collect dolls..............

I do not collect dolls - I don't want any more dolls. I raised 2 girls, I have plenty of dolls. I made the teal colored jeans on the My Twinn Doll. I used a pattern for an 18" doll & enlarged it. the length is good, the waist is a little loose. (I made a pair for the 18" doll too and the jeans seem a little short & really hard to get on the doll) I did not make the pink cupcake shirt. I bought a baby onsie at Wal Mart for $2 and was going to remove all the seams & make a shirt, but it turns out that the fit is good enough and all I did was cut the snap area off & hem it up! In the foreground, at the big dolls feet is the pir of pink jeans that I made. As of yet, I have to put velcro on the fly & hem them.
I did not make this DRESS. I brought the doll to be used as a model, my friend Diane (met at the quilt guild!) made the dress & is entering it in the next county fair. We wanted to see it ON a doll that the pattern is intended for. Her dress is adorable!
Sometimes it's just nice to make something SWEET ! It's beenso long since I sewed little dresses for girls! But, do you know what's good about sewing for dolls? They just don't care. They don't complain. It's a WIN/WIN situation sewing for dolls! Sam

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Quilt Bloggers Get Together...........

My VERY good friend Joan came to visit this week! We have been freinds for a LOT of years. But we have only ever seen each other *in person* 3 times. I credit the internet for bringing us together. Had it not been for that, I would have never met her I think And I am VERY thankful that I did! I am very blessed that I have a flexible work schedule that allowed me to work non-traditional hours on Monday & we attended my quilt guild metting on Monday afternoon after having lunch with a few of my guild friends. And guess what??? Dumb-me failed to get any pictures of our visit. Not one. And yo know what? it didn't even occur to me to get pictures until ater Joan had already gone home. Darn it. I sure hope that we get to visit again! Thank you for your company Joan! Sam

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quilt Show Sunday

This is what is on the beds today!

#3 American Beauty Quilt



Two weeks ago my Bourbon got skunked. Had to shave off all his hair. It took me 3 years to get it that long............. Before the skunk
after the shave job...........