Saturday, August 15, 2015


I promise I'll update my blog soon. I have been out of comission & getting on the computer is difficult. I broke my leg on 07/04/2015. Well actually...........I was walking around the yard & my husband was on top of the ladder. The grass was wet & he was putting pressure on the impact drill & the ladder shifted, and it fell OVER me. When my husban fell off the ladder he landed ON my ankle. Broke both the tibia & fibila about an inch above my ankle jpint. I had surgery to put me back together. Today is 6 weeks since my accident & I am still not allowed any weight on this leg. While the scars/scabs are fading, I'm still in a constant deal of pain. Its yucky. I hate it. And it;s going to be October before I can even THINK about walking, even then it will not be unassisted. Fir thise of you that are squeamish, dont look at the pictures. Ive come a long way & seeing the pictures gives me some hope that I'm headed in the right direction! I have to constantly readjust & ellivate my left leg. I just want to sleep for 8 more weeks & wake up able to walk again! We all know thats not happening........... So soon as I can actually get around to it, I'll post some more. I can't sit, so I cant sew by machine. If I time my pain meds just right, I can work on a rug for about 40/45 minuts 2 or 3 times a day. So boring. So is TV!!! TTYL M