Monday, June 23, 2014


I made this template - stapler remover used for size comparison only!

I used that template to cut out 12 wedges, I swed 6 together, and then sewed each circle to the other, right sides together. Found ti easier to leave an opening for turning & then subsequently sewing shut, on a seam between the wedges, rather than on the edge. (the curve was mor challenging to sew shut than a straight one!)

Then I stuffed them, and did some creative thread PULLING and created little flower pincushions. I have to admit, the one made of Civil War Repro's is my favorite!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

An Apple A Day

I found some sort of "pattern" online by Mollie Makes (or something similar to that) I just didn't want to spend $8/$12 for a pattern for this! I knew if I looked long enough on the internet I would find something and I did!

I made this on Tuesday night - it was super late & I still lack putting a stem on it.

I really like tis little Apple Pincushion! Super cute. I would like to make a few more Apple's and a couple Pears too.

Oh! I nearly forgot.........I enlarged the pattern by 50%.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Quilts - Not the STORE, but the SIZE !!

Joan shared a link for a free pattern from another blogger's web page and I have used it a LOT lately. Y'all know I have a regular full time job. Sometimes it's really FULL. Like during the month end processes - so, in my defense, I can't make lots & lots of charity/donation quilts. But when I do? I crank them out!

Here are 7 that I am sending to a guild that will quilt them & hand them out as they see fit. I endorse what they do and they are happy to get them too.

I have a severe disadvantage of volunteers to hold up quilts while I take photos - so you're seeing these sideways, clothes-pinned to my dog kennel fence. You gotta work with what you got!

The 2 Owl Quilts are just started. They will go along with the other 5. I find it easier to do 2 simultaneously. Just seems more efficient. For me anyway!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

More Pincushions

I think I like the cupcakes better.

The Terra Cotta pots are really very fragile. Before (or if) I make anymore, I would like to see if I can find plastic options!


American Beauty Block Of The Month UPDATE

I have 2, identical, completed. These are the best pictures I can get. I am mailing them off to the long arm quilter tomorrow! Then I will start on the black one. (blocks are the same in all 3 quilts!)

Pincushions Today!

Over did it a bit with the glue. But they are still uber cute!

Embroidery design from Zippy Designs. I have volunteered for door prizes for my guild in August. I think these will be some of them!