Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh my goodness! I think it's been too long since I have put a binding on a quilt. Even with a thimble my fingers are SORE !!! The worst part? I am only 1/4 done on DD#1's birthday quilt...........

I sure need to shape up!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Non-Quilting Items

Well, I don't know how long I'll keep it up, but I decided that I would create a blog for my sewing that is NOT quilting related. I really DO a lot of sewing & crafts that are NOT quilting.

So if you're bored enough to see what other things, not quilting related, that I might be keeping myself busy with, you can check me out here:

I warn you though, staying on a computer takes away from my sewing time. So I'll have to see how much time keeping up with 2 blogs will take.........


Gotta sew first , right?



Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow! Not for me........:(


We didn't get ANY.

Just a little teeny tiny dusting of it.

There wasn't even any on the bushes outside of my house.

I was SO disappointed. And this Monday would have been a GREAT day to stay home & sew too!

Some truck pulled down the lines at work & our email & internet was down until almost noon. I could have done a LOT of sewing - if I had a reason to stay home!

Snow WOULD have been a good reason.

I am west of Nashville (I work in Nashville) and when it DOES snow - everything around here just shuts down. We don't get foul weather often enough to warrant having the road equipment to keep the roads clean/clear. So ? Everything just stops. Period.

With all the running around I have done in the last month, I sure would have enjoyed another day o sitting around on my butt & just sewing.

Oh well, maybe we'll have SNOW another time.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Quilt - Quilted - Not Bound

Here is the finished product. I quilted it today & serged the edges.

Ha !! I made the bed at 9:16 PM just to take these photos...Only a quilter would understand that I think.

This quilt measures 98 X 98 inches square. A little large for a queen size bed, I think. Oh well. DD#1 said she wanted a really warm winter quilt. This one is big enough for her to snuggle up in. I used a high loft poly batting - but I think I quilted it too densley to hold a whole lot of heat. Here's hoping it's size makes up for it's heat retention!!

Prince Charming chose the "Bubbles" pantograph & I chose the palest pink thread that I had - it came out really nice. DD#1 was very proud of it, and said the quilting looked like bubbles even before I told her that they were!

Those are the pillow cases that QB1 & I made on Thursday night. The contrast edge on them is the same as the inner border ont he quilt.

All I loack is the binding - oh and a label. I'm bad at attaching labels!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

This One is Due SUNDAY

December 20th, 1982. WOW. That was a long time ago.

Not so much, really......

That was the day that I gave birth to DD#1. 27 years ago.

Do you know how old I was on that date? Ha ! I was SO young. I was SO dumb. I was all of 18 years old on December 20th, 1982. Turned 19 the following month.

I have come a long way since then. Better yet. DD#1 has come a long way. As scared as I was all that time ago, we didn't do so shabby!

I am so proud of her!

I have been making this quilt to give to her for her birthday on Monday. I finished putting the borders on it......oh....about 10 minutes ago. It's just too late for me to try & doing any quilting on it. I will load it tomorrow morning & quilt it to give to her on Monday. I have 2 different pink threads to use. I am SO uncertain which one to use.........and the pantograph? Ha! I can't begin to guess which one I'll use. Tomorrow is a new day & I will be ready to decide THEN. Maybe Prince Charming will make the choices!

I am absolutely certain that I will not have time to bind it. So I will serge it & give it to her & then get it back to put the binding on it. I also have the pillowcases for her too. I hope to get a photo of her with her *new* quilt on Monday. (Hopefully before next Friday)

I can't wait to get "back in the saddle" to sew! I have missed my routine. QB1 & I need to get cracking on our Pineapple Patch Quilts!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! - Love, Momma

(I hope she doesn't read my blog until after Monday....)


P/S - I snapped these photos after 10 PM in our less then well lit bonus room. It's all Pink & Brown. Once I get a picture of it in natural light - you'll be able to see the colors better!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Baaaccckkk!

I went to AL to spend the week with DD#2 & DGS#1. I went to spend the week so that I could help out with the baby SIL#1 works for a car plant & they are off thru 01/11 - he's a good guy , but I don't feel like I helped out too much with all of them there. I sort of felt like a thrid wheel. Both were great hosts. and the guest room is a wlak through memory lane, as it's all DD#2's old bedroom furniture.......Makes me nostalgic. All that aside, i am very glad that I was there. DD#2 is MY baby & I felt about one inch tall when I had to leave & she teared up & told me she didn't think she could "do it" . Just broke my heart. Makes me cry thinking about it. I guess I was a sort of security blanket for her.

I have some new photos of the baby - I'll load those another time.

Got into Franklin & stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics. Picked up some strapping and a yard of novelty fabric for QB1. I also bought 3 patterns for myself. One skirt, one jeans type pattern & one scoop neck pattern. I bought 2 different types of denim & one khaki.

I have found it increasingly difficult to find clothing that I like a modest style that I am comfortable in, so I decided I would start making my own clothing. Nothing new here, folks, as it's something I have done in the past, but got away from. I like to wear my skirts long & shirts long. Everytime I try to BUY clothing, seems like you have to be a 14 year old flat chested size 2 in order to find anything......I'm tired of trying. I am NOT a size 2 (add about 10 or 12 to that number !, I'm not flat chested & I am SO far away from 14 it's comical!!)At least I'll be able to make t-shirts that don't rise above my waist or choke me to death.


QB1 came over this evening so that we could chat & I cold apply some snaps to a few coloring totes that she has completed. Goodness, that snap-press is a joy to work with. (in all seriousness - I couldn't use snap pliers, my hands couldn't take the pressure needed to make them work right...) We also made a few pillowcases. I made 2 for DD#1 because QB1 needed to see how it was done. the instructions are really hard to understand and since the directions are in black & white - seeing it actually DONE is much easier to understand. We made 2 because I confused MYSELF reading the instructions. I was glad to see QB1 - It's just nicce to be home....

What's that saying? Most quoted by Dorothy? "There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home"? Yeh, that's it!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 Weeks Early - Welcome DGS#1

He wasn't waitng until 12/20

Arrived Wednesday 12/09 @ 05:16 AM

8 pounds 5 ounces 20 inches long

Everyone doing very well. He's too big to wear "newborn" size clothes!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Midas Touch

So? What, exactly, is the opposite of having the midas touch? You ever have one of those days? When everything you TRY to do turns to .... well ..... energy not expended well??? (cleaned that up a lot people!)

This whole weekend was a blur of activity & I don't feel like I accomplished anything. Nothing.

I loaded a customer quilt on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a 3 hour job. Was it? Not so much. Took me more like 7 hours. I had more problems than I have time to relate to you. Thank goodness that QB1 has a quilt on the rails that is going to be a joy to work on after the weekend that I had!

I made steaks & cheese fries on Saturday night & "the kids" came & joined us for the meal. Sunday I made a pork roast in the crock pot. YUM YUM, it was SO good. I did laundry too & that was it.

Prince Charming started another project for us. This time it's a bench with cubbies for 4 baskets under it & then a shelf on top for 3 more baskets. All in Oak. Then it will have a beadboard back & coat hooks. This will be an all in one unit because it is for our basement to create a sort of "mud room" area to contain/corral all the junk that seems to accumulate where we come in & sit.

It's also the area that is the designated smoking spot for "inside".

It's too cold, right now, for Prince Charming to smoke outside on the it's down into the basement for the smoking. I DO NOT smoke. Never have. And he hasn't smoked in the house since May of 2008. For that I am proud!

Anyway - it's been a week since I posted.........I feel like I have done NOTHING but I am bone tired from doing it!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prince Charming Entertainment Unit

Prince Charming made this !

We have a stack of rough cut kiln dried oak. Prince Charming used SOME of that pile to build this entertainment unit. He custom designed it to fit our television that we have in our downstairs (formal) living room.

Originally, we were going to move this TV & the *new* entertainment unit upstairs into the bonus room. But guess what? The unit was too big, when completed, to get up the stairs. Well actually, it is too big to make the turn from either the living room OR the front door to get up the stairs. Even if we COULD get it up there!

It took 4 of us to bring it up the BACK stairs & through the deck & back door, then through the kitchen & THEN into the living room. FOUR of us. And a dolly.....

Isn't this just beautiful? It is taller than I am & probably taller than Prince Charming. That is a 55" flat screen TV (not plasma)

I love it.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilting Today - Edited to Add Photos!

So ?

Today I spent quilting. I quilted one for Kyra - cute, cute, cute. Used a dark blue thread. I didn't get any pictures because i mailed it off today so she cold have it quickly.

I used a YLI thread. I prefer Permacore. But i did not have navy blue in the Permacore. I do not especially LIKE the YLI thread. I could never get it to work right when I had a Gammill & I don't like it on the Nolting.

It's probably a mind thing. I don't know. I can get the tension just right and the thread still breaks, the speed just right, and the second I'm not sewing on fabric the thread breaks, then I sew & sew & sew & have zero problems... but I just can't seem to LIKE the YLI. Oh well.

Since I was going to use the same pantograph on the Trip Around the World donation quilt, that I used on Kyra's Auburn Quilt, I went ahead & loaded it. But I loaded it sideways. So that the top & bottom were on the sides. I like to do that when it does not matter which direction the quilting pattern is going...I do this ALL THE TIME !!! Anyway, instead of using the varigated thread like I had intended...I used an aqua blue or turquise (sp?) thread instead. Matched the border fabric PERFECT.

I used muslin for the backing, but OH BOY!! I made a huge mistake! #1 Mistake: I did not measure the backing before I loaded it. I just took it for granted it was wide enough. I knew it was long enough because it was 90 inches & the quilt was only like 82 inches so loading it sideways was no problem - the selveages weret eh sides since I loaded it sideways...#2 mistake; Assuming I made the correct calculation for how many yards I needed for the width. Since I made mistake #1 & #2..#3 was certainly inevitible....I came up short. Good thing this was MY quilt & not a customer quilt. All mistakes aside, since I loaded it sideways, I was able to use it to my advantage.

I only lacked about ONE inch. Yep ONE INCH of having enough width, so when I got to the edge bottom (which is really the side of the quilt) I locked the machine & sewed a long seam. And that's where I ended the quilt, once I finished, I rolled the whole quilt up onthe bottom roller & sewed a seam at the top of the quilt (which is really the other side of the quilt) the same amount oas the other one. So basically the side borders of the quilt are one inch narrower than the top & the bottom borders. Problem solved. Took me longer to frog-stitch the quilting off the bottom leader then it did to load the whold quilt! Oh well, it was agood save.

I'll see if I can get photos of it tomorrow.

Right now? I hear my pillows calling...

11/25/2009 - edited to add the photos. Ass you can see in photo #1 - it's a wee bit smaller. #2 Shows the bottom (or top) border up against the side border. Barely noticible whenit lies flat, but you can see that the side borders are narrower! #3 Shows the thread color & the pantograph pattern.

Pantograph was purchased from Miki & Diane Designs.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip Around The World (Short Trip!)

I bought this fabric months & months ago. Froma shop in Camden, TN. It's all Moda and super bright! When I bought the fabric, I bought it with the intention of making a donation quilt. The fabric has sat & sat.

Around the time that my Chelsea got sick, I started making this "Trip Around The World". Pattern courtesy of Bonnie Hunter/ It's an easy pattern. I finsihed the weekend after I had her put to sleep. I miss that dog, y'all. Terribly. . . .

I made a matching pillow case. I will use just plain old muslin for the backing and I am going to quilt it with a variegated thread with a nice/easy pantograph called "Basket Case". One I have it bound, I'll take it to the guild & let it get put in the pool for the charity quilts.

This will be my 3rd "charity" quilt (when this one is done) that I have donated in a little less than 2 months. About time I got around to it....even if I say so myself. I didn't get pictures of the other 2 that I donated. One was a Trip too made of blue plaid homespuns & the other one was just 6" squares on point bordered in green & black.

The photos show it on our queen size bed. So once it's quilted and has been washed, it will be a very large couch-potato quilt, or a sort of large twin size...or fit the top of a full size....which ever & how ever it will be used will not be my decision, I just hope it makes someone happy or brings someone comfort.

Pretty sad, dont' you think? When the only time my bed has been made ALL week is when I want to take pictures of a quilt???

Ha Ha - now you know more secrets about me!!


Crib Set

I do not see myself as a "cheap" person - meaning I don't like to skimp on a lot of things...however......I just could not bring myself to spend bucks deluxe on a crib set when the baby will only be here once every other month.

The crib & mattress & matching changing table - I bought at a yard sale (earlier this summer) for $80. I also got a stroller & matching car seat int hat $80 too! Cool deal, I thought!

Well, it's 4 weeks before the baby is here. I needed a crib set for MY house & something gender neutral. I have been looking at Target & other big box stores. But shopping at Toys R Us & Babies R Us for an inexpensive cribset seemed cost prohibitive.

So, back to my old faithful. Got this set off ebay for $58. Crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumpers, comforter and the mobile. Included shipping. The pictures seem to wash out the colors, but it's sage green. The set is called "Sienna Sage". It IS a used set, but I thought it was nice & it's even nicer in person. And it's gender neutral enough to please me.

One day, if I get off my butt & run out of things to do , I'll make a crib set. but not before the baby is actually here.....And since this one looks "quilty" enough it was a good fit.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures

I didn't get enough pictures.

The shower was held at DD#2's mother-in-laws home. MIL was a very gracious host to allow all the people/mess/food/etc to invade her home. and patient too! thanks MIL!!

Pictures are off DD#2 - she's the pregnant one. 6 more weeks to go!

The diaper cake, and the cupcakes. DD#2 is going with a jungle/safari theme for the baby's room. DD#1 & i just sort of ran with it...and made these cupcakes.

I wish I'd have gotten a pic of the baby's room. Prince Charming & I bought the crib, matress, (toddler & full size conversion kit for the crib)the crib set, mobile & lamp, changing table pad, changing table baskets, high chair...I cna't remember what else...The "crib set" included: bumper pad, dust ruffle, sheet, comforter, valance & diaper stacker. i need to purchase an additional valance because the window is a double and only one is not wide enough. We set up the crib at night & it was just not good lighting to take pictures. Another time!


Baby Shower Pictures

I didn't get enough pictures.

Baby Shower Pictures - Getting Ready

This is ME making the diaper cake (that is much easier than you think!) & DD#1 getting ready for the was Saturday. DD#1 made some really nice signs for the roads...It was held in southern Alabama. North of where the LSU & Alabama game was being held. We got many comments on the choice of DAYS that we picked for the shower....Liek there won't be another ball game? Gimme a break!

DD#1 made the ears & trunks for the elephant cupcakes. We made too much melted BLUE chocolate. Let me tell you - locating all the extras for the cupcakes was like an old fashioned treasure hunt. No kidding.


Friday, November 6, 2009

My Favorite Fat Dog - Rest In Peace

As much as it pains me to post this, my baby Chelsea had cancer in her spleen & her lungs. Even though she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, her conditon worsened & when I took her back to the vet to be re-examined. She was x-rayed & we found all the cancer.

Chelsea had a really rough week & I just couldn't allow her quality of life to continue in such an awful painful manner.

I made the choice to have her euthanized. It was the most difficult thing that I have done in a long, long time. I called my DSD#1 & just cried, and boo-hooed. I'm doing it as I type......My daughters both called Chelsea thier sister. Chelsea's death is extrememly difficult for me. Just really hard. I can't even explain it.

I very much miss my baby dog & last night is the first night in over 10 years that I have been without her. I can't even think about her without just breaking down in tears.

Yes, folks, I know she was just a dog. But she was just MY DOG. My companion, my friend, my personal love muffin, my buddy, my sanity sometimes....And I love her.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Sick Baby

My baby DOG has not been herself for about the last week. Exactly 9 days.

Loss of appetite, incontenence, and in the last 2 days passing out. I took her to the vet this morning. Moping around, in & out constantly.

And after extensive tests, she has Lyme Desease.

I never pulled the 1st tick off her this past summer!

She is on medication and I don't know how long it will be before she shows signs of feeling even a little better.

All y'all know how emotionally attached to this DOG that I am! I am a basket case right now & She won't have anything to do with me because of the indignities that I made her suffer through this morning.

I hope that she feels better soon. Like immediately. That's asking too much , I know....She's going on 11 years old. I know I won't have her forever, but I did think & still hope that I'll have her longer than just today. It's so hard to figure out what is wrong with a dog - they can't talk, and belive me, I listen. She probably wishes that I didn't I talk to her (or is it AT?) her all the time. Even Prince Charming asks me WHO I am talking too.......after all this time - you'd think he had it figured out? Maybe?

I have no idea why she parked herself between those 2 stacks of books. I pulled them all out yesterday because one of the shelves in that plastic cabinet collapsed & I have to get something to to stiffen the shelf to hold the weight of my notebooks & quilt/craft books. I probably need to get something set under them too....You can see them bowing under the weight of the books on the bottom shelf... under the doors! Hey! They said "heavy duty".....they are utility cabinets by Black & Decker from Lowe's - not built for books....I'll tell you that.

I hope my dog feels better soon. I hate seeing her in this condition. At the end of the day, I know, she's STILL a dog - but please send good thoughts her way. I'm really, really REALLY worried aobut her recovery. If there are any of my fellow blogers out there that can tell me anything about what a DOG with Lyme Desease can expect & what I should expect, I'd sure like to know. I've cried all morning.

thank you - if you know anything.........


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbow Brite

Isn't that what these colors remind you of? Rainbow Brite?

This is a donation quilt. It is the "Trip-Around-the-World" ala Bonnie Hunter.

I was trying to get go-along pictures but the ones that I took last night were too dark - I don't think the flash went off because , last night, I was facing the Ott Light and the flash didn't go off & they were simply too dark to save & post.

Anyway, All I lack now is to put the last 2 rows on. The one on top & the one on bottom. I will have to post pone putting the borders on because I failed to get extra of any color for the inner border. The outer border is going to be the turquise color. I already have it, but nothing for the inner border.

I bought this stuff so long ago, I don't know if the shop that I got it from still has any, but I will send a sample with Prince Charming to go to the shop & see, while he is in Camden next week. THEN I can finish it.

Please don't ask me why I decided to sew this quilt today, I have much more on my plate that needs to be done, that I could have done, that I SHOULD have done. But you know what? I have enjoyed my day sewing today. And that's what matters most.

It's an eye-popper ain't it!!


What Is This ???

Do you know?

This is a Thermax Mini-Max - Water Based Air Purifier & Air Freshener. (in order to get it right I had to read the box)

I went into the "local" sewing machine/vacuum store yesterday to ask about a "cover-stitch" machine. Trying to find out what the advantages of having a cover-stitch machine would be. There does not seem to be any advantage....It's a double needle decorative stitch machine. Period. I can DO that wtih my regular machine...however - I really would have like to test drive one out.

Anyway - I'm in the shop & they have Dyson vacuums. He did a demo with the Dyson & the Riccar vacuums. I dont' want a Dyson anymore. I want a Riccar. Pricey little devil, but impressed me! Big time. I even made him "do" the demo with 2 different machines because I wanted to make sure the Dyson wasn't performing & the Riccar WAS. I am still impressed, but buying one will have to wait until after the New Year.


While I am there, he has THIS little jobbie running. Sounds like a little miniature dryer when it's running. He said it's an air purifier/freshener. Well, as you all know, I have a big fat dog. A House Dog. she is a bassett hound & she smells all the time. All the time. Even after a bath. Matter of fact - she smells worse after a bath. Anyway - I bought one. Brought it home - filled it up - and I have been running it for about 24 hours. I am sold on it.

I bought the "Baked Apple" scent - he had - oh I don't know - 50 different scents? to choose from. You fill to the MAX line & put in a few drops, turn it on & it does it's job. Well. We spend 85-90% of our time in our bonus room, so does the dog, and there is no dog odor. Sure - you smell the dog if you sit on HER loveseat - that is to be expected. It's not overpowering - it's subtle. Nice. Humidifies too.

Anyway - price? $69.99 plus tax & plus the additional scent. Pricey? Maybe. but the candles that work the best are the Yankee Candles & those babies cost $24.99 per candle. I use about 2 of those a month. I'd use more but I can't stand spending that much on a CANDLE. And , of course, you can't leave a candle buring when you're gone or not in the room. And you NEVER leave a candle buring if you have a curious cat. Anyway - I figure I will have saved myself the $$ in buying candles inside ONE month....

Don't mind my dust when you look at the pictures either. Martha Stewart don't live here & housecleaning only gets done when it bothers me. It don't bother me MUCH.

Ha Ha Ha

It's a good little machine. Get you one.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I have!

Been sewing that is!

I just have not been able to take pictures...

Friday the 16th (or was it the 17th?) I dragged out my paperpeiced pineapple blocks & boldly decided that I would get 25 done this weekend. I got 25 blocks HALF WAY done. Laid out what I had, and I keep changing my mind how many I need. this weekend it seems that I only need 99 blocks for the body. 4 corner blocks & 40 border blocks. 143. Each with 37 peices. What's the math? More than I got fingers........over 5000 peices.....If I ever get this quilt done, it will NEVER leave my house. Just not going to happen.

I longarm quilted 2 quilts for QB1.

I cut strips out for a Trip Around The World ( ala Bonnie Hunter) quilt to donate to my guild.

I have also laid out stretch knit fabric to make 2 maternity shirts for DD#2. Pinning some of that jersey knit is frustrating. But they are going to look really nice.

Longing looked at the applique blocks that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get started & finished on the baby quilt for DD#2.......that didn't happen either. (could someone please tell me WHY I can't get motivated?)

That's all the sewing stuff I have done since last Friday.

TODAY I worked late because I have to me in a meeting the next 2 days....came home fed the big dogs, and started chopping down some of my Angel Trumpet. I cut the stalk into about 8 inch peices & dipped them in some of that "rooting compound" and put them into pots & brought them into the basement garage. Also cut some peices off my Hydrangeas...then I rant o Lowe's & bought some gro-light bulbs - Prince Charming will make something to hang the lights from this weekend so we can bring in all the yonger plants. I am NOT a gardener, but I LOVE the Hydrangeas and DD#1 wanted some of the Angel Trumpet (so did QB1 - she came & got a stalk too) I just don't want all my efforts wasted....There are still more stalks on this Angel Trumpet! This baby was a monster.

There will be no sewing on Wednesday or Thursday because of the meeting. maybe I can get something pretty posted by this time next week.

We shall see. Guild Saturday Sit N Sew is this Saturday....don't know what plans will pop up before then, but it would be nice to sit & sew all day!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Made Baby Clothes

I have been buying a BUNCH of fabric & a BUNCH of patterns to make clothing for my *new* grandson.

He makes his arrival in December. (see the previous post)

I used to make a lot of clothing for my girls whent hey were younger. If you have sewn clothing a term in sewing called "a muslin" is what this example is!

I found some XL twin size sheets @ WalMart that had been returned. Got them super (I mean super) cheap. $6 for the set. Took them home - wahsed them & cut the fitted sheet up to use as my muslin for this baby outfit. I didn't work with stretchy fabric very much when i sewed for the girls. These sheets lack "body" & were not the easiest to sew with. But they are SOFT. Very, very soft.......

Anyway - this took me about 3 hours - start to finish - to complete. I am sure that these ourfit will be easier when it's being sewn in a larger size....getting those little teeny tiny leg cuffs sewn & the arm cuffs sewn was a challenge.

Hopefully - sewing on the "good" fabric will be an improvement.

Remember - this is just the TEST article - DD#2 said she'll have him wear them anyway. I doubt that, as she'll have to get this to her house for him to wear them & right now - this isn't leaving MY house - I want it as a visual aid to tweak for the next outfit.

The pattern is from NEW CONCEPTIONS. I never even read the instructions to make this! I only needed to know how long to cut the elastic for the waist - otherwise - I just winged it.

Cute , cute!

I bought some red/green/white "Ooga" fabric to make a coming home fromt he hospital outfit. Also - coordinating red/green/white stripe to make pants & a hat. He'll look like a little elf.......

That is a standard 45mm rotary cutter for size comparison & the chest has a double layer. One thing I would like to "tweak" on this pattern? To make the shirt a little LONGER. I'd like to add about 2 inches to it.

I do have apattern for a onsie & a gown - but I really like the double layer on this shirt.

Whatcha think?

The Baby Bump

This is DD#2 @ 30 weeks.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Purple Room BEFORE

It really was purple....very purple...and the previous homeowner didn't know how to hang ANYTHING without a 10-penny nail. If you don't know what a 10 is - it's as big as a J or G crochet hook....there were Bunches of nail holes to fill.

Cute for a kid - but it did nothing to compliment my tastes..

The "white" is after 2 coats of primer! And you could still see the purple bleeding through...

I used Benjamin Moore Paint - "Moonlight". Yellow is such a nice color. Passive. Happy. Goes with just about anything...Mellow. Soothing. I don't think you can go to sleep angry in this room now!


Here is the Purple Room AFTER

Still lack hanging the knickknack shelf & hemming the curtains.