Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pineapple Update

This is the box that I am throwing scraps into for my PP Pineapple. I don't EVER seem to get to the bottom of this box.

I did myself a favor and finally separated the lights from the darks. When I am bored of working on it, the box top with the lights sits down inside the green box.

These are all that I have done. I still lack 38 more. 38! Seems like it will take me a lifetime to do 38.........and that's just for the "body", I still lack the border blocks too. 43, I think. I don't have a deadline, I don't kid myself thinking I am going to finish it RIGHT NOW. This is one of my GO TO projects. Sort of like therapy sewing , you know? Ha! Therapy?? There are 37 pieces per block. When it's done, there will be over 5000 pieces.....More like insanity. but you know what? I already LOVE this quilt. I finsih 10 or 20 blocks & I just can not resist laying them out & just drooling over how much I LOVE this quilt.

QB1 asks me how I am going to quilt them (yes them, she's making one too! AND, I have enough scraps for .......oh, I don't know.........2 or 3 more?) I told her that I just wanted a nice pantograph on it. It is so incredibly busy, that any really nice quilting will be lost & never seen!

So? What do you think? How would you quilt it? Remember, I'm a little ways away from GETTING it quilted. I lack 38 body blocks & 43 border blocks. Might as well be a million!! Ha Ha!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Stripper Party

On Thursday nights, a few of my QB's & I get together & sew. This started last year around early summer. Started out strong with 4 of us. Now, it's more or less just me & QB1 (Pam!) but recently, we have promoted another girl (Nancy!) to QB2 because she's been coming a little more regularly then before. Don't make me eat my words QB2............

Anyway - because I had an appointment late Thursday night (to get our taxes done) we rescheduled our Thursday night to Wednesday night. Turns out that due to an unplanned report at my real job, I didn't GET to leave to go to my tax appointment & havve had to reschedule.......ANYWAY.....Wednesday night QB1 & QB2 came over to my house & we tackled a box of scraps that I have. QB1 & I cut & QB2 ironed. There were lot's of bigger scraps & if either of them wanted the big peices, we didn't cut them.

Let me tell you! I am SO grateful that we got that container dealt with. I feel lighter. Cleaner. Relieved....Now I have strips! Lot's of 2" strips.

I hoep that I never get that big a pile of scraps again. NOW - after I finish a project, I cut up the scraps into strips - long ones into one bin & short ones into the PP Pineapple bin. I think I have enough short peices of scraps to make 4 PP Pineapple Quilts.

We (yes WE!) still have another plastic container FULL of more scraps to go through.

Another night, I suppose?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Checking In

Nothing *new* going on. I decided I was NOT going to put a bow tie border on the hugs & kisses quilt. I made ONE side & got very discouraged. I'm just going to slap borders on it & be done. Done is good, and I'll LIKE the quilt a whole lot more after i don't spend mountains of time on it.

Been working on some of the paper peiced pineapple blocks. I have 20 that I am working on, and 37 finished. That means I only lack 39 more for the body portion & 43 for the borders. Will I finish it in 2010? Don't know. Maybe. I want too, but not enough to work on those blocks exclusively.

Cut out a HUGE amount of 2 inch strips & subcut to 5 inces long & then into 2X2 inch squares. Wat for? SPOOLS! Going to swap some with Joan (sorry, I lack the know how to link names to blogs...) Joan is one of the blogs that I follow. She is a wonderful woman. She has a beautiful family too - her blog is called "Keeping You in Stitches" I hope that MY endeavors are good enough to be included in her SPOOL quilt. She is an EXCELLENT quilter!

Last Saturday (02/13) QB1 & QB2 & I went shop hopping of sorts. We got pictures & I'll post them when I get copies. a grand time! I spent every dime. Fabric, fabric & MORE fabric. AND some patterns. Boy! I love Whittles.........

Also been working on some magazine holders from mailing boxes. Those are coming out GREAT! I bought brown paper to cover them, but I don't like it as much as I think I'll like paint or fabric. Wonderful idea.

I cut out some primary colored fabrics to take to Alabama this weekend. My freind, Leslie, is going to embroider the alphabet on the blocks which will go into the grandbaby's I-SPY Quilt! I am SO excited about those alphabets. A few name blocks too.

Have not done any other sewing. Other than what I have mentioned. 2 weeks ago I made 4 baby shirts. you'll have to check THOSE out on my sewing/craft blog @ (also on my side bar. Seems silly to "foloow" my own blog, don't it????

This weekend is MY weekend to drive down to Alabama to visit with DD#2 & her husband & the GRANDBABY. Prince Charming has made the baby a toy box & DD#2 a hope chest. Same pattern......different uses. (he has also made one for DD#1 with an inlaid star in a different color wood - lastly he's making one for ME!) I will be taking both the toy chest & the hope chest down with me. Providing they BOTH fit in my wagon. Weather isn't nice enough to drive the truck. On my way back up to come home, I'll be visiting with my freind Kat & Leslie. I'll be happy to see all. VERY BUSY WEEKEND COMING UP !!!!!!!!!

Good night all! My feather pillows are calling me!