Friday, May 27, 2016

More Cube Storage

Still working on the construction project & getting into my new sewing room. I wanted a cube unit for under the window. Sort of a window seat . IKEA does not make a 3 cube unit, 4 is their smallest & would really be too long for how I want to use it. Better Homes & Gardens has a 3 cube unit thru WalMart.

In March I ordered the white 3 cube unit on the WalMart site-to-store web-site. They told me white was no longer available - do I want it in another color or to cancel the order? I want it in white so I cancelled the order. WalMart also said they were discontinuing the BHG cube line as well as the baskets I had been buying. Bummer.

In April I ordered the same 3 cube unit from not one but TWO different vendors on Amazon. Both canceled. No white available. One of them emailed me back saying YES it is available in white do I still want it? Yes. I do. 3 days later...guess what? They are wrong. No white ones available.

Last week I was in a WalMart in Nashville & they had about a dozen of the baskets that I had been buying. Remember now, WalMart said they are discontinuing them. I had been in Austin TX this month & bought 18 of them, so I no longer needed any but it got me to thinking...if they have the baskets back, maybe I can score a 3-cube unit in WHITE. Right? What's the worst they can say? No. Right?

So....later that day , at home , I get on the WalMart website & BINGO they have them! I placed my order. Fully expecting that it would be canceled. Well I picked it up this week & assembled that sucker.

This little 3-cube jobbie in WHITE must be the Holy Grail of cube units!

It is slightly brighter white than the IKEA cube units, and the casters ARE from IKEA. But it all looks GREAT to me.

I'm a Happy Camper now! I actually bought a bench seat from Bed Bath & Beyond after my Amazon orders & the bench fit nice in the spot, but the cube spaces were too small for my baskets. Now that I have what I really want, I'm not returning the bench to BB&Y I'll just give it to my daughter.

I NOW have all the pieces & baskets that I need (WANT) for my new sewing room! I will need to make a cushion for the top of the "window seat". Not happening right now.