Sunday, September 23, 2012

Star Struck Class

On saturday 09/22 I helped give a class on bonnie Hunter's Star Struck - Most of the women that attended already knew how to make one or had made a quilt with these instructions. We still had fun!

this first phot shows us all setting up - Our Guild is fortunate to be able to use the basement of a church for our guild functions. It's a nice large basement area & the tables are always set up.

I had a brain fart & thought it was a wise idea to have a sort of story board with all the steps & the fabrics done up for each step. This worked out really great .

I chose to do my (3rd !) Star Stuck in 2 colors. Just Blue & Cream. Though there are 25 different BLUE & 25 different CREAM - this is one star short of being the width that I want it to be for a quessn size quilt (not including borders of course!)

Here are some of my guild buddies!

More of my guild buddies - hamming it up

I dont' remember what this shot was....

One of the guild ladies in this group was making her Star Struck in Black & Red. It was VERY striking. I told everyone that I was going to post these pictures on my blog but that I WOULD NOT use anyone's names - so don't take what I am typing as rudeness! The lady that has her back to us in this photo? I especially LOVED her SS as she was using primarily Thimbleberries! All scrappy too! My favorite! 

That concludes my Saturday sewing! We had a ball & I enjoyed myself a LOT.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Update & Non-Quilting Project

Well, a week ago last Thursday, I caught a nasty stomach virus. Ended up in the E/R hooked up to an IV for dehydration & tests because orginally I didn't think it was a VIRUS. I'm better now & I will spare you the ugly details. I was however well enough to attend my quilt guild meeting on Monday. It was a blast. I always LOVE going to those meetings. I got to sit & sew with my little group of women. I even brought a guest with me.

I work with a woman , she's in Houston, that is a quilter too! And I have been doing a little bit of longarm quilting for her in the last 2 years. I think 2 years. She was attending a class near Nashville & decided to spend some time with me & my family. Mary-Alice thanks for visiting!!! I hope she comes back for another visit.

Thursday I got my embroidery machine fixed. It's been broken since June. I had a tech out in August but after he timed it & fixed it, another part broke off. Took another month to get the part & then another 2 weeks to get a different tech out to install the "part".

This is what I made! Aren't they cute?

They are a little zippered pouch & they are completely done on the embroidery machine. I had a little issue with my thread shredding on the green owl, but I was making really late last night & failed to even THINK about changing the I guess I need to make a 2nd one of green. Darn.

See Y'All Later1

Monday, September 3, 2012


I totally HATE putting the binding on quilts. Seriously. It took me a month to get the binding sewn on my Rail Fence with Stars quilt. Worse is that I have moved it from spot to spot all over our family room trying to give myself the prime oppurtunity of binding it. Well............since this was a 3 day weekend, I did it. I also washed it & dried it. Goodness, it looks half it's size now! Not really. But it sure shrunk up. I need to put a label on it. I'm bad at that too. I stopped biting my fingernails (AGAIN) and I am really grateful for the Roxanne thimble. My fingers still hurt doing it though. AND>>> I don't know how to fix it, but When I make a space between my sentences in this blog, like between paragraphs, it don't ...I know I ramble - but I'm not THAT bad!

I been doing a bit of sewing. I put 2 of my 2012 BOM blocks together in the last week & I helped DD#2 make a t-shirt dress. but that's about the extent of it. I don't know why, but not a whole lot of motivation.

Talk to y'all later. I hear my pillow calling me!