Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Doings.

I got up BEFORE 8 this morning & took the big dogs for a walk. there was a house down the road from us that burnt, long before Christmas, and it was being torn down. they were using a Komatsu Excavator...at least it wasn't a Deere....Cheap entertainment....it was too humid to go much farther.

The fence folks showed up & placed poles. The weather got horrible. Topped a tree in our yard & broke one in the neighbor's yard. Fence guys won't be backuntil Thursday as the cement must cure. The big dogs went nuts for most of the day. I think Bourbon was insulted that they did not leave when he barked at them. he barked all day at them...all day. Go Bourbon, go. I think the dog will be happy inside the fence instead of his kennel....

I decided that since I was on "vacation" this week that I would get some quilting for myself. I loaded the 'Night & Day" quilt. I had bought a (poison) green backing from Whittles yesterday & it's perfect for this quilt. I only quilted about 2 rows because it was so HOT down in the basement. I had 2 fans going in there & still I sweated in my shoes...I'll try to finish tomorrow morning, or very late tonight.

I chose a pnatograph called "Bubbles". For no other reason than I have not used this pattern on a quilt of MINE. It's a little dense for THIS quilt, but it's turing out really pretty. I am using a camel colored thread. Basically a taupe color, or a variation of TAN. Oddly enough, the thread is blending beautifully with the poison green backing and the background of all the blocks. Good color, camel is!

I love being off, it's been refreshing.

Tomorrow we (we meaning Prince Charming & I) are tackling installing a light on the deck stairway - it's a little dark out there at night and I don't like going up & down the stairs in the dark. We also have to replace the door sashing on the back door. It's dry rotted on the bottom...no water damage, just needs replacing. And, maybe a few other little fiddle things that need fixing around the house.


{edited tp add: There is slack in the quilt on the photo that shows the length of the table/quilt because I had let the locks loose because I was not going to be quilting anymore...I do not quilt anything while it's slack like that...and if I am not going to finish, I let ther be slack so it doesn't stretch the fabric. Just thought I'd let y'all know!}


Chris said...

Can I come over and use that big quilting machine sometime? That's the coolest thing. Thanks for describing how you work. Your poison ivy or whatever must be better because you did not mention it. Good. Enjoy your time off. I know just how you feel.

Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

I know what you mean. when you was talking about bourbon barking at the men. The boys (Smith and Wesson) will bark and bark and bark at anyone that comes up and sometimes long after they are gone. Dixie Daytona (our baby girl) will bark once and then after they leave she will hafto go outside to make sure they left or perhaps that they didn't take anything. My Boys love the fenced yard here wish it was taller they could jump it if they really wanted to.. but I think they are just happy to be able to run.