Sunday, December 6, 2015

See? I AM SO sewing!

I started these blocks the week before I went back to work. So...the last week in September. Been a slow go. No pattern. The block was free from directions on someone's blog linked on a post on Facebook from a quilt guild member friend of mine. I REALLY wanted it king sized. I think it fell a little short @ 97"X112" - It will shrink some, I'm sure, once it's quilted. The brown sashing , 9-Patches & border are a solid brown. #1 I had the fabric #2 I didn't want a print competing with all the other prints. I didn't buy any new fabric for this quilt at all. It was all from my stash. I even have backing fabric! The only thing I'll have to buy now is batting & labor to get it quilted. And THAT's not happening for a while.
Glad to get this done!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Leg Update

I returned to work on 10/05 - last week on Friday (11/13) was the first day that my leg didn't have an open incision or lesion. I was glad to FINALLY see that. I'm still limping when I walk. But it's not as bad. My biggest hurdle (except REAL hurdles..) is walking down stairs. The angle at which my ankle is when my left foot is on the stair behind me, doesn't bend like that. Not right now. I didn't break my ANKLE yet that's where all my issues are. All the swelling is on my ankle, all the pain is in my ankle. There's not been one day since July 4th that I have woke up pain free. It's tolerable. But I'm tired of it. Just bone tired. Overwhelmed with the physical therapy appointments, the doctor appointments, and what I just can't DO. Even if I sit with my leg elevated while I'm at work, my ankle still swells up. I put shoes on in the morning & my foot will swell over the sides of the shoe & then it's super painful. I'll wear shoes I can get my feet in to (Crocs) and then I'll end up tripping myself all day or it will rain....Just don't feel like I'm winning at this recovery thing I'm trying!

Yes, I'm whining. This is the first time I have ever broken any bones, and I sure hope I never break another one.

Owl Sewing

This pattern is one of those Heather Bailey pincushions. Only it had so many pieces that I enlarged it about 25% for my first run at it. Now I'm ready for the original size!