Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monthly Guild Meeting

I got off work early yesterday so that I could go to my guild meeting. Ended up getting there a few hours later than I intended because I took the favorite fat dog to the vet. (She has an ear infection.) I got to the meeting right after 3PM. I took my stretched stars project with me. I took the Janome 6500 & when I set it up to sew, I had forgot my regular presser foot & only had the 1/4 inch presser foot! I was in luck though, because another member had the same machine & lent me her regular foot. I sewed squares to squares for 2.5 hours.

The blocks for that Stretched Star Quilt seem like they never end! I need 399 of them for a Queen size quilt! So , since it's so boring, I only take it out for the "between" projects! I think I am a little less then half way done! Whoo-Hoo!

You know what the worst part of making a quilt is for me? (excluding binding & labels....) What to use for borders....I always struggle with that. I have been known to sew borders on & then remove them....because I can never decide. Oh well. I still have lot's of time, because I am nowhere near done on the Stretched Stars....

During "Show & Tell" at the guild meeting. Margaret showed us a quilt with Bees & Bee Hives on it. It was SO cute. The Bees were paper peiced & instead of applique for the bee heads, she used black buttons. It was ADORABLE. The pattern was free off the AQS website. I SURE don't need another project, but this was too cute to pass up. The pattern shows the "hives" in purple, Margaret used a gold print for the hive borders. Absolutely adorable! I have got to add this to my (never ending) list of quilts to DO.

The pattern is called "Swarms of Summer" on the AQS website & it's free. You don't have to be a member to get a copy.

I love guild meeting!

We get fined 25 cents for not having a name tag. Well, I dislike name tags. No , I don't have a reason. ANYWAY - a few months ago, I stuffed $5 in the cup - figured I was GOOD for a while! Well, one of the members, Joyce, made a machine embroidered name tag for me. So I no longer have any excuses. Darn it!

I'm a rebel , can you tell?

Sorry that there are no photos today. I'll try to do better. No promises...



Deb in AZ said...

The Swarm of Bees you described sounds like a pattern I would like but could not find at AQS... Looked thru the free patterns but did not see it. Would it be somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

I get stuck on bindings, labels and what the heck to quilt on a border. It takes forever and I usually pull out my first attempts due to sheer displeasure. I enjoyed your post about the meeting. Thanks