Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stretched Stars / Top Complete / Border Votes

Here is the finished body of the Stretched Stars Quilt.

Without borders, it measures approximately 82 by 92. You see it on a Queen size bed.

I have to stand on the cedar chest to get a really good shot! Ha, Ha !

At any rate. I want the borders to be blue. This quilt won't need borders too wide. Maybe 5 inches. I usually use 6. Once quilted, bound & washed: a quilt normally shrinks by 7 to 10 %. Maybe that's not true for everyone, but I have learned to make them slightly larger to fit my bed & cover us WELL while in bed. So? I make 'em BIG.

I have several blue prints to choose from & I narrowed it to 4. I have enough of any of these prints for borders to be torn lengthwise of the fabrics as well as binding.

I just CAN NOT decide WHICH one! All 4 I like, but the 2 on the ends seem to be hollering the loudest (meaning: I am leaning towards those 2). So, here's your chance to vote! Which blue do YOU like?

(again - the photos are taken in the bonus room under artificial light...and the flash is making them appear much brighter than they really are.)

My Stretched Stars Quilt has many, many fabrics. All the backgrounds are Thimbleberries cream colors. The corners of the blocks are Civil War reproduction prints & some Thimbleberries. The background creams don't show up well in these photos, but they are NOT whites. They ARE all Golds, creams, yellow based.

I would like to get these borders on tomorrow. So holler early! I want to try & get it loaded early this week - I have to get batting somewhere...I am out....well, i THINK I might have a package of Hobbs Poly-Down...I'll have to look.

Today - Prince Charming was tired, tired, and said he wanted a "lazy day", I took advantage of HIS lazy day & went to the quilt guild Saturday "sit-n-sew". They have one every 4th Saturday. I didn't take my sewing machine, I only took a quilt to sew the binding down. I got 1/2 way done on it too! Went to lunch @ a meat & 3 place. And then came home & took a wonderful late afternoon nap.

There were maybe 10 of us there @ the sit-n-sew. It was a nice environment today.

Speaking of today. It topped over 95 degress today, but cooled down wonderfully after 7. Prince Charming & I sat on the deck with the ceiling fan going. Very cool. We didn't even sweat sitting there. (unlike the week earlier!)

ANYWAY - I need opinions on the borders PLEASE!!!



Mia's Cottage said...

the blue on the right side. looking at the picture. Like you said, hard to se ethe true color though. Awesome job!I can't do big ones, I get too bored.

Kyra said...

I like the 2nd blue fabric for the border the one next to the blue w/ flowers, that quilt is so pretty to!
We got you beat in Gadsden it said 99 @ about 1:30 this afternoon at the bank

Anonymous said...

I love the far left just speaks to me for some reason! Make sure it makes it into a quilt even if it's not this one.

Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

ok so i don't wanna sound like a complete idiot but you know i looked at this post everyday since you posted it trying to see the stars. Finally today after all this time.. I have finally seen the stars. My problem is I have a partial color blindness and I was seeing Squares with 2 dark corners. The Stars were just not standing out to me. By the way i love this quilt now that I see the stars!