Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red White & Blue - Lady Of The Lake #2 (#2 in finish for the month & #2 as in it's the same as another one!)

This quilt is the reverse colors of a quilt I made in March of 2011. This is a traditional Lady Of The Lake pattern - but I used "Belle Meade" by Red Crinoline Quilts for this one. In 2011 I made all the HST's for both quilts, but I only finished the one with red borders in October of 2011 - you can see THAT quilt in THIS post.  Where the 2011 quilt is RED, the 2016 quilt is BLUE. Red White & Blue being my favorite colors never gets old for me!

I finished putting the borders on this blue one over a week ago - I don't remember when I finished putting all the blocks together & setting them. The blocks maybe before I broke my leg (July 2015) and setting them maybe after I broke it...I don't remember zactly - but it's done nothing but rain for nearly 2 weeks (as evidenced by our VERY green grass!) and it's so big, I wanted to lay it out on the lawn. As you see it here, it is unquilted - the lawn is also not flat - our yard slopes.

As does most all Tennessee.

Had to get a shot of my baby Bourbon! I was afraid he'd get on the quilt! I got lucky. He didn't.

I love this pattern. You think? I mean this IS #2 !

This yellow sticky note says 105"x122"

All these finishes! I love it!
(Trying to clear up some of my un-finished projects!)


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pineapple Sherbert 60"X87"

I bought the fabric probably 10 years ago.

I started the quilt March of 2016. It was supposed to have 12" blocks, cut with a specialty Pineapple Ruler by Possibilities. I chose to use the paper foundations from Edita Sitar's pattern On Eagles Wings. I like the smaller blocks.

Having bought the fabric SO long ago I was so scared that I would end up short. Some of the strips are pieced! I eeked out every bit I could. There is literally only teeny scraps left.

I still have about 22 blocks to tear the paper off the back!

(and the borders MIGHT be a little wonky....But I'm ok with that!)