Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diane's Ever Lasting Wreath

this is a cell phone picture, so the quality OF THE PHOTO is not really good.

I saw Diane last night & failed to bring my camera to take a shot of her Everlasting Wreath Quilt - so she sent me a pic with her cell phone.

I regret to say that you are NOT seeing all the beautiful batiks in this quilt! And her rings are made up of a smokey green. She calls hers : "Smoke Rings" !


Monday, June 17, 2013

Everlasting Wreath Quilt (AKA: Never Ending Wreath Quilt)

I am sorry, but EVERY time I think of the name of this quilt? I think of that movie with Atreyu & Falcor....The Neverending Story! Thus I have dubbed my Everlasting Wreath Quilt, the Never Ending quilt. That and well? It's going to take 40 forevers to ever get it done.

This is a picture off the webiste of Laundry Basket Quilts. They are the designer of the pattern for the Everlasting Wreath:

Obviously, I will make it BIGGER. As is my normal practice. I like 'em big! And..........before you even ask, I have no clue how I'll finish the edges. I have not got that far & I will likely change my mind a dozen times before I get to that point. Pretty sure I won't have to worry about it THIS year.

Here are a few photos of some of the blocks I have done & the rotary cutter is there for SIZE comparison. Yes, I KNOW it's pictured on a cutting mat but you might not have figred that one out..... I think I need 100, maybe more, of the hexagon blocks with the LIGHT sides for the size I want. How many do I have so far? Good question y'all ! I have 18. I have 1 with all darks. Yep, long way to go yet.

heavy sigh, the reason for my post tonight is to show you how sick dedicated I am. I ran out of LIGHT strips. So I needed to cut more. See this stack of lights/shirtings?

I dragged out 22 differnt shirtings prints & cut 1 strip from each one 1.5 inces wide by WOF. It took me an hour and a half. Unfold, cut one 1.5" strip, refold. Repeat. I have a whole shelf of shirtings/thimbleberries creams. I usually buy 2 yards & I use these as my neutrals or lights in any quilt that I might make. Same prints are in my Spools Quilt too! Some of my 2 yard cuts are no loner much more than a yard! I'll need to restock my stash. I have more Civil War re-pro shirtings than I have Thimbleberries, as not many stores carry Thimbleberries anymore.

Anyway. I figured I SHOW you how insane or stupid or Quilt Pox afflicted  dedicated I am to getting a good start on this quilt!

One of the girls in my guild nearly has her's completed. She's doing it in Batiks & her LIGHTS are a smokey green color & she's calling hers ...wait for're never gonna beleive it....."SMOKE RINGS". Yep Smoke Rings. I laughed out loud when she told me that. But you have to know Diane before you could really understand her! She doens't have the internet, so maybe she'll let me take a picture of HERS & post it on my blog. I hope so. Hers is gorgeous.

Well that's it for tonight kiddos!

I hear my pillow calling me.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spools up-Date

I have been sewing, just very little.

I finished my sppols quilt about 2 months ago. You're seeing it from the balcony of the church where my guild meets. Certainly a birds-eye view!

As you can see, my borders are a tad bit It will "quilt-out", it always does , so I am not worried. It's 93"X107" ! And those borders (again with the borders....) that fabric has definately AGED in my stash. I loved it when I bought it & I love it now. It's a Civil War Re-Pro print and has large pheasants on it. I think I got it one year while Prince Charming was pheasant hunting in South Dakota. Not sure, but I THINK so!

Thank you to Mr Pappenfus for the lovely pictures. You did an awesome job.

Those YELLOW spools sure stand out, don't they? - Know what though? I like it! I even have enough blocks sewn into rows for another SPOOLS Quilt! Pretty sure I'll set them on point, but have no idea for the borders & side setting triangles. I'll have to shop my stash for that.

I am currently working on a few PP blocks for my neverending Everlasting Wreath Quilt. They are faster than the blocks for either of the other 2 PP pineapple quilts...I call it THERAPY QUILTING. I mean, sewing on lines is a no-brainer right??? Right! I am easily side tracked though..I'll tell you that!

My youngest DD graduated grad-school (see post below!) and my NaNa duties have all but halted. Thought I'd have a boatload of free time at my disposal. Turns out, I don't. Can't explain that. Anyone know why? I don't, that's for sure...

Oh! I also completed a chair for my nephew Jeremy & his wife Alisha. This was my Mother's chair.



It's much more poofier. (sp?) I doubled the foam in the seat becasue , well, it is a HARD seat, it's just plywood. Note to self: When you double the foam or increase the foam size from the original....You can NOT use the old fabric peices as a pattern. They are too small. Self? This is very good advice!

Anyway...that's all I have to show for right now.