Friday, June 22, 2012

Finished! On Eagles Wings Quilt

Here are WAY more photos than you'd like to see, I am sure! I dind't name the pattern, it is a Courthouse Steps/Flying Geese/Pineapple variation. I purchased the pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts, I think (this is off the top of my head here...) it's designed by Edyta Sitar. I can & could certainly have her name WRONG. Coz I am super bad with names. The original pattern shows it like a couch potato quilt size. Maybe twin? The only twin size beds that we have are the daybed in the family room & it doesn't get used much. So I just kept making blocks until I got to a good queen size quilt measurement. As of yet? I have not measured it. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 93/98 X 100/110.....something like that. Un-Quilted, I mean. Next up is EVERLASTING WREATH - same company, same designer. If IT gets done in 14 months, it will be a miracle. Sam

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quilt Block Badge Reels / Scissor Leash

I was going to do 2 different types of blocks, but my frustration with my embroidery machine had me give up after these 16! I think they turned out cute & if it were not so late, I'd tackle the other 16. I can't wait to pass these out tomorrow. I hope they are as well recived as I thinkthey will be. If so/ Well, this summer when it's MY turn for door prizes, this is what I'm a bringing!! Good Night All! Sam

Bad, Bad Blogger

Ugh! I have to admit that I am a terrible blogger. For those that use my blog as a stepping off point as to what I'm keeping busy with....FORGIVE ME !!! ? (Especially DD#1) WOW! It's been since April since I have blogged? Seems so. Have I been busy? Yep. My real job has been EXTREMELY busy. I was on a weeks vacation the first full week of May & it took 2 of us TWO weeks to catch up when I got back. But that's no fun to write about. What did I do on vacation? Well! I spent 4 days at a quilt retreat. It was so fun & I brought all kinds of projects to work on. I got ONE done. ONE I started the weekend before I went to *camp*. I'll post pictures of it later. It was SO FUN to spend that many consecutive days just sewing. I spend some time not sewing too. QB1 was not in a position to a attend this time, so I roomed with Toni. Another member of our guild. We had a really good time! Fast forward to today. It's rained this weekend so there is no work ont he shed...well THAT & the fact we had to special order the shingles to roof the lean-to's. (the SHED is another reason I have not done much sewing! Working weekends on IT consumes a LOT of time, then I am too tired to sew.) BUT ! Since it's rained this weekend, I have FINALLY been able to sew together all my pineapple blocks for my On Eagles Wings Quilt. OMGosh, it's beautiful. I intend on sewing borders on it today & then posting pictures. It TOTALLY lives up to MY expectations! Also, today, I hope to embroider some badge reels to take to guild (ppssstt.....I am taking a PERSONAL day on Monday the 11th just so I can go to guild all day!!! Whoo-Hoo!) I bought an embroidery design pack with little mini quilt blocks & I thought I might embroider some up & attach to buttons (large 1.5"covered type buttons, like a badge) & then glue them to badge reels. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my small sharp scissors on a retractible reel! So I amgoing to make a few up & give to a few of my QB's tomorrow. Then, if those are a hit, when it's MY turn to bring door prizes, I'll do some more for the door prizes. Maybe a BUNCH more so that everyone that is there can have one. But thats pretty I'll just PLAN on a 1/2 dozen Stay tuned for some pictures today! I can't wait to share! Sam