Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Countdown

Well I officially have work days left before our big move to TN. You know? In January, I was scared & really not sure I wanted to go. But now? I am READY. We close on the new house on Friday the 23rd & the moving company is arriving on Monday May 26th. Yes, Memorial Day. They are starting to pack , said it would be 2 days to pack , one & a half to laod & then GO ! The worst part of all this is that the loading & unloading will all have to be shuttled. There is no way a semi-truck (18 wheeler) can get down my driveway in AL and the road in front of the house in TN isn't wide enough to stay parked long enough to EVERYTHING has to be shuttled.
DH & I have been going over & over & then over again, how we'll move the animals. We never seem to discuss the same strategy twice. He wants me to borrow a cat carrier for the cat. I told him I'd put him in a clothes hamper & tape it closed just like we did 10 years ago. DH said that would not be humane. We had a long , very long discussion ragarding the differences between a cat carrier & a clothes hamper would be. I pointed out that the clothes hamper was bigger. DH stated it was a dignity thing...honestly? I NEVER , EVER thought that DH would be worried over the cat! He wasn't 10 years ago.....maybe he's become more fond of the cat? Perhaps.....There's no telling. But - bottom line? I'm NOT buying a cat carrier. He can go in the laundry hamper. I'll make it up to the cat by feeding him tuna....
I am quilting my last customer quilt this weekend. I can't take anymore until after we get moved & set up. My "customer" quilt that is on the rails this evening is from my freind & co-worker, Kyra. It is SO pretty! Pinks & browns. It's for her baby girl & she wants butterflies on it. I am using tha "Butterfly Charm" pantograph from Willow Leaf Studios ( I love thier patterns!) and I am using Perma Core Thread in a tan color called (oddly enough) "Mother Goose" It's more tan than pink, but blends really well with either.

I don't know how long the blogger lets you go without posting, so I'll TYR to post a little more often this week before the big move, but I can't tell how long it will be before I get back on. I don't know if the house has cable, DSL or dial up - that's not something I had put in my name yet. It cost $500 just to get the utilities in my name for next week!

Good night!