Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A First Time for Everything

I'm not being wimpy. I promise!

Saturday, Prince Charming & I pulled weeds & did a general cleanup of the back yard. Pulled nasty vines off the oak trees....I'm NOT a gardener. I love plants, but honestly, I have an ulcer on the cornea of my left eye & I am hyper sensitive to sun light, so I don't like to do much that requires being out in direct sunlight. I have lots of sun hats. I get a LOT of silly coments over my hats....but hey, I if I am going to be out there, I have to protect myself! Gardening requires too much of being in the sun for me to be comfortable....anyway....we got an early start & it was mostly shady in the yard. Nice , beautiful morning. We finished up around 1 PM.

Sunday, I discovered Poison Oak all over my arms, and under my underclothes. Oh Boy ! This is my bery first time with this stuff. It does not HELP that I stopped biting my fingernails last month & NOW I CAN scratch! I have been doing really well, unless I sweat. If I sweat, I feel the urge to scratch....it's maddening! I think I have it on my scalp too....UGH !!! I have been using a hydrocortizone cream & that helps a LOT! I am applying it about every 3 hours.

I will have to have a LOT of self control in the next few days to keep this nasty stuff from spreading!


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Chris said...

Oh my, sounds like you have a very bad case! You can go to the doctor and get a shot for that... you might be a good candidate. Hang in there!