Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going In Circles

This is a quilt that I made pre-blogging days. It is called "Going in Circles" and it's a Buggy Barn pattern. Very assemytrical (sp?) It's a little out of my of my box. It was fun & it came out very beautiful. It's not big enough, though!


Star Struck - FINISHED !!

Ta Da!

Bound & Labeled

(those white spots on the wall have got to be from the flash...)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Week End Shenanigans

Well, Friday night was a regular evening. Nothing fancy. Woke up Saturday morning, piddled around the house. Cooked breakfast with my daughter. Actually SHE did the cooking , i did the cleaning. Made bisquits (frozen kind), scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. It was yummy & I did the dishes immediately. (which for me, is not normal, I am far from the domestic goddess I am often mistaken for!) Anyway...DD#2 came home & returned my car. Mid-afternoon I decided we needed to go to Wal Mart to get something to cook for supper. Well DD#2 volunteers to make broccolli beef & noodles , but I need to go get it all....okay no problem. I drag DD#1 with me.
While we are standing in the checkout line and nearly finsihed getting everything bagged, my cell rings...DD#2 is on the phone & i tell her that we're on our way & she says "DADDY JUST HAD AN ACCIDENT & HE BLEEDING BAD" I told her to meet us at the Emergency room. Since we were in town, we got there first. DD#2 & her boyfreind arrive at the E/R with Prince Charming who has his right hand swaddled in a white dish towel. The bleeding had stopped, but he mangled that fingertip really, really, really BAD. Did I say it was REALLY bad? If I wasn't a nervous wreck, I'd have fainted. Prince Charming was calm, said it wasn't as bad as it looked. I sent the girls home - still don't understand WHY DD#1 took my car & didn't ride home with DD#2 so that I would have something to drive home in......but okay....we spend 2 hours in the E/R. Took x-rays. Didn't break the index finger, didn't mash it flat, didn't chip the bone. But he tore off the whole pad off his finger under the nail. It was nasty. nasty. The doctor filled the finger full of lanacane (sp?) and cleaned it up (Prince Charming is covered in saw dust & wood shavings....) then he gets his tweezers out & starts trying to patch his finger flesh together. Prince Charming ended up with 14 stitches. In the tip of his finger! He'll probably loose his fingernail. We don't know if that will be permanent. He'll probably have permanent nerve damage. AND the flesh that the Dr. sewed all back together might NOT graft, in which case all that flesh that tore off & he sewed back on, might die & he'd essentially have 1/2 the finger. It's just the tip though. like from the edge, under his nail, below the bone & all above the little crease at the very top of his finger. He goes to see another doctor for a follow up tomorrow. He's been very strong about all this, if it were me, I can't even speculate how I'd have handled this.
All I have been doing since Saturday night is thanking God for so many things. Thank you , God, for having Ryan home. thank you, God, for not losing his finger. Thank you, God, for meaty fingers. Thank you, God, for medical care. Thank you,God, for insurance. thank you , God, for antibiotics. Thank you, god, for PAIN PILLS. Thank you, God, for stitches. thank You , God, it was only one finger.
I'm still saying thank you today.
So? you want to know what he was doing? Actually not doing anything wrong. He was feeding a peice of oak through (along) a roman ogee bit in the router. the bit hit a knot, kicked the wood & instead of letting it fly, he tried to grab it. The wood won. Tore his finger up. We're getting an additional feather board. Period.
he won't let me take pictures. I don't blame him, it hurts, his pride too. And really, it's nasty. I'm cleaning it & bandaging it twice a day. I'm not a doctor, & I'm nto a nurse. It sure looks better than it did on Saturday. But I really don't think that skin is grafting. We'll know more as he heals.

On a lighter note! (Is there one after all that?) I finished quilting my Star Struck Quilt. I serged the edges & I have the binding the sewn on & have the binding more than half way sewn down! DD#1 spent a bunch of time last night finding clipart to make a label. She found a nice scrolly thing (like that description?) and she printed it out. So If I wasnt posting, I'd be sewing the rest of the binding down right now....

Sunday, we were all scheduled to go house hunting w/ DD#1 - only I went. We looked at 8 houses! found some really good contenders too.

And THAT my friends, was my weekend.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gift from BFF

you know what?
I am a very blessed person.
My BFF, Donna, in CA sent me a quilt gift.
Not a pattern.
Not a book.
Not fabric.
She sent me a QUILT.
Do you know how many times that has happened?
This time makes the first time.

I hung it in my studio where I can enjoy it the best. I don't know that WHERE I have it hung will be it's permanent residing place, but I wanted to see it hung, so I put it right there! Donna also made a table runner for me, which I think I use on my dresser (because the furry friends dont' get up there...) instead of the table. Besides, I use my dresser a lot more than I use our dining table....AND she sent me a hankerchief. (Which I have been carrying with me!)
Isn't she GRAND?


On the 'Rails"

Here is my Star Struck Quilt on the rails. I loaded it on Sunday and when I advance the quilt, the next row will make me half way done. The binding is already sewn together & ironed & rolled & ready to apply. I even have the LABEL ready. Can you believe that?
I'm supposed to be quilting instead of posting...


Birthday Gift to SELF

This is what I bought for me, for my birthday. My birthday was last month, but I bought them this month.
Hey? I had to justify the expense somehow, right? And what better way than to say " Happy Birthday to ME"

that is a standard size rotary cutter , set there for size comparison. These little figurines are actually "book ends", there is a plug on thier bottoms to fill with them with sand. As much as these little sweeties cost me, they will NOT be holding books. Ever. Holding dust perhaps, but not books. they will jsut sit there on my shelf in my studio, where I can enjoy them best.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ta-Da !

Completely finished.

That's NOT my dog. That's my Grand-Dog. The dog is "Cheese". DD#1 is in Arizona this weekend and since she's not home, he's my shadow. Literally.

I am not a label maker. As a matter-of-fact, since I don't like making labels, I have more than a few that don't have labels. Well, about 10:30 last night I remembered that I had purchased some high-dollar photo transfer pages. I bought them in September 2007. (why do I remember this? Because it was during the quilt walk, and it wasn't the one in 2008) This paper has fabric adherred to it & all you have to do is run it through your printer. any printer. The paper is designed for those photo memory quilts. So you can transfer photos to the fabric, peel the paper and make quilt blocks...

Anyway........I get this brilliant idea ( at 10:30 at night ) to TRY this stuff out. Well, the first challenge was finding the stuff. 11:00, I found it. I'm not a computer genious, so I didn't fiddle with "clip art" or anything. I just got into "Word" and fiddled with the fonts and came up with what I stuck on my quilt. It worked incredibly well. I doubted how well it would work, so I printed 2 (turned the page upside down & printed another "label" on the other end!) and the 2nd one I made I cut off the page & peeled the paper off the fabric, and stuck it in the washer. At midnight.....

Wonder of wonders! It worked. Didn't fade, didn't run. So the first label I made, I sewed on the back of my quilt, and washed it this morning. And now it's on my bed.

Ta-Da !!!

I made a few other labels for quilts that I know #1 when I made & #2 needed a label.

Oh ! the paper is called Color Plus Fabrics. From
I got from a vendor at a quilt show, so i know nothing about any other products. Just a shameless plug for a product that I used, works well & I liked it.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Projects This Week

Monday I made 2 pillow cases to match my Log Cabin Quilt. They came out nice.

And, though i didn't make them THIS week, here are 24 (you're not seeing all 24....)of the Night & Day Blocks. I lack making 22 more. I dont' know if it will only take 46 blocks , or if 46 blocks are too many. I'm winging it. I like them & they look a little different than I normally make. When it's a quilt, I'll like the blocks even better! ha ha !

How do you like that sewing table? That was an old kitchen table that my sister was going to throw out. It had a crack in it. the crack was in a very good place. At least for me! I put the cover of my sewing machine on the table & traced around it & cut the hole out with a jig-saw. I built a 3 sided box under the table with "L" brackets and VOILA! A sewing table.

I have 3 sewing types of sewing machines. Whichever one I happen to be using (I primarily use one of my 4 Featherweights), if the bed isn't level with the table, I just stack magazines under it. Works like a charm. the table was free, my labor was free, and the wood was free. I think I spent $2 on the "L" brackets.


I won an Award!

Barb awarded me the Lemonade Award!
I am not sure what I did to deserve such an award, but I appreciate it!

It's been a hectic few weeks for me & I fell really good knowing that someone pays attention & cares enough about what's going on in my life!
Barb, I'd invite you for coffee, a chat & a sew in, but I think the we'll have to wait until you're stateside.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Star Struck Update

I had a green Thimbleberries print in my stash that I WAS going to use on my Star Struck Quilt, but I just didn't LOVE it. I figured if I put that on there, I'd never really like the quilt. Been there & done that when I was at Stitcher's Garden yesterday (getting Christmas Prints...) I got another green print. Oddly enough, it's another thimbleberries print! this one has more gold in it & coordinates a whole lot better than the other one! I love how it will look. My intention is to get the borders on today/tonight. But I'm NOT pushing myself.
I am rather enjoying the beautiful day...and as I sit here typing, my favorite fat dog is lying on the floor snoring.....Ah! What a blissful day!

Oh, yeh, almost forgot. the green print on the right is the one I had in my stash, I just didn't like it. The green print on the left is the one I will use. And that solid brown is the inner border. No clue how I'll quilt maybe? Ha ! Like leaves or something? We'll see when I get that far.


Photos Of Christmas Fabric

it was a sunny Sunday today, so I laid these on the floor & shot a pic.

These are the 4 Christmas Fabrics that I bought yesterday.

Adding to the Christmas Stash!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Saturday !

Today was a simply gorgeous day! the sun didn't actually SHINE until nearly 3 PM, but it was 60 degrees today. It was splendid in comparison to the past 2 weeks. Of course, since the temperature changed so dramatically so quickly, my ALLERGIES acted up, which means I spent the day alternatley sneezing & blowing my nose. However, I feel like my sinus discomfort was worth it for the day I spent....
It's late as I create this post, so I'll post photos when I get to it...but I went to Franklin today & purchased a green Thimbleberries print for the Star Struck Quilt. I just didnt like what I found in my stash....the one I bought today has a gold tone to it & little gold fluer d'lis (probably get that jargon right...) on it & it compliments the quilt VERY well. I also bought 4 Christmas prints. DD#1 went with me & we chose some really awesome colors. 1 light, 1 red & 1 green & 1 green red gold swirl. All 4 were from the "Christmas" section. This shop has Christmas Prints, year round......Bolts & bolts 7 Bolts of Christmas prints.....
I also got 4 red fat quarters & 4 blue fat quarters. All this from Stitcher's Garden. they are not cheap, but they have more fabric than any shop I have ever been in! AND I like thier new store. The owner said it was smaller than the "other" shop - I didn't see how it was smaller, but then I'm not there everyday either, right?
Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought a green butterfly print for the backing of the baby quilt (pictured in the post below) , I bought 2 types of batting too.
I have Warm & Natural on the roll for my long arm , which I really like to quilt on, but I like the drape of the Hobbs Poly Down. I used a 40% off coupon for the battings. Oh! the Other batting is from Fairfield & it's suppposed to be "designed" for machine quilting. I bought that batt with a coupon too. DD#1 bought one & I bought the other. They don't let you use 2 coupons.....At any rate, i also bought some cotton yarn & 2 booklets to knit dishcloths.
After that, we came home, I took an antihistamine & we took a nap. Prine Charming was working in the basement shop onthe Entertainment Unit. (which is going to be GORGEOUS !!!)
That was my day!
i would be sewing the binding on the Log Cabin this evening- but I am very reluctant to sew while taking antihistamins....I am SO sensitive to meds, and I have a medicine head right now.....(but hey, that COULD be used as an excuse for my rotten spelling, right?)
Oh ! I almost forgot. I won an auction today for something I have been trying a LONG time to get. I got a Hummel. No, I dont' collect them. Not in the technical sense of "collect" anyway. I just really like specific figures. I have no intention of starting a collection of figurines....but I DID decide I wanted a FEW. And I got 2 today. I can't wait to get them. I am SO excited. I got the boy & girl "Book Worms". I originally saw the "girl" half of this duo in a Fons & Porter Quilt magazine ,it was in the background of some baby quilt photo - can't even tell you which issue, or which quilt, I just like the Hummel & and just melted when I saw it. I HAD to have it. Or one, or the pair. Well I got the the pair! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! Honestly? I couldn't tell a newer one from an older one....but, regardless, I got what I wanted! When I get them, ya'll will see them too. I want to put them in my longarm room on the wall shelf. Again, I have NO desire to have a Hummel Collection. None. But there are 2 more I want. The boy & the girl (separate figurines) with the Umbrella. Where it looks like the wind is blowing on their back & they are sitting ??? You know the one I mean? Well, I want those two too. I figure it won't be any time soon, as it took me about a year , or better, to get the Book a price I was okay with paying....

Time for sleep!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally Quilted

I have waited since this time last week, but I got the "O" rings for the stitch regulator wheels on my longarm machine & I was able to finish quilting my Log Cabin Quilt. It turned out so nice! I used a floral patterned backing. It's directional, and I don't usually buy directional prints...but I liked this one! The quilt is a huge square, so i am sure the backing being directional won't bother anyone! Not even me.
I quilted it with a thread called Maroon Glace. It's sort of a rosie brown. It blends exceptionally well. It is my most used color (except ecru). I need to re-oder some soon. Since the quilt was browns, it was a very good choice.
Soon as it is bound & has a label on it, I'll post pictures.
I am POSITIVE that DD#1 will offer to "break it in" for me. Isn't she sweet?
Since I couldn't quilt over the weekend, like I had intended, I started & finished a baby quilt. Only it's a BIG baby quilt. Not the baby, the quilt. Remember the green Star Struck Quilt? Well I had peices of the green & cream strips left over & I sewed them into 4-Patch blocks. The blocks do not even have the same green or cream in them. I set the 4-Patch blocks on point with alternate squares of a cream print. I bordered it with a solid brown & then a green/brown floral. It's really nice. I like it a LOT. It's not very girl-lie, and it's not little. Good thing that babies get bigger because this "baby" quilt should las tthe kid until she's 10 years old. Soon as I get it quilted & bound, it will mailed to Alabama to my friend, Melody, that just had a baby girl last week. I think the baby's name is Brindlee. Maybe, I can't remember....
As you can see in the photos, it's pretty big....It is currently un-quilted, and that's a full size bed that it's spread out on! Hey! I did this on the "fly". No pattern, nothing...I just did it! I am sure they'll love it!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kitty In The Window

This window is directly across from me , in the bonus room, next to my sewing space.

After 2 weeks of freezing weather, today is gorgeous. I opened the window to get the breeze and to smell the fresh air & the CAT jumped up there to sun herself.

Fiona is such a ham....

Prince Charming's New Toy

Can you guess what this is?

Without searching on the internet, can you guess?

It's the biggest one I have ever seen.

02/02/2009 Edited to Add: No, it is NOT a planer.

02/03/2009 Edited to Add: YEP!! It's a "Jet" Drum Sander 22"-44" It does a great job too! I suppose if I had photographed it in front of my long arm quilting machine, it would have been harder to identify????

Working Man's Truck

This thing is filthy!

Blog Updating

It's been about 2 weeks since I posted. I have done zero sewing, and zero long arm quilting. I have been a little more than self absorbed & didn't feel like posting all my blahs.....I'm over my funk, however, I am NOT over my frustration or stress. Well, I THINK I'm over the stress. ...

You all ever have shingles? 4 times in 8 years, that's how many times I've had them.

DD#2 had ANOTHER car accident. She just had one in September.....totaled this car too, and the one she hit. I can't afford her on my insurance anymore.....She's okay....and soon as the check for the car gets here from the insurance company....She gets what they give us & she has to pay her own car insurance too....I am scared about what her driving history is going to do to our insurance rocket or cancelled, maybe both....

Evidintly this was more stress than I could take, and my shingles acted up! I was SICK, sick, sick and in a great deal of PAIN. I'm a wimp when it comes to meds, makes me physically ill...but the pain was enough to take them & be sick too.

Normally? I am a very "strong" individual. I am not prone to having episodes of illness, or breakdowns or being sick. I'm just not...but , seems like I been there a lot lately....And I take vitiamins...

So, now you know why I have refrained from posting...LIFE, you know? It gets busy...

I did get my Log Cabin quilt loaded onto my long arm machine. I got about 2 rows quilted & I kept breaking the thread. I seem to have a little knick, or tear in the "O" ring that surrounds the wheel on the stitch regulator, so I am stuck until I order another one! Darn it! Finally something for myself on the rails & I hit a wall. Oh well. Maybe I'm not in the right stage of mind to be sewing anyway, right? I am using the pantograph called "Facination" from Willow Leaf Studio. I did this same pantograph on my friend, Kat's, quilt & i really liked the movement of it & decided I use it on one of my own quilts.

Today, after all this nasty weather we have had, is BEAUTIFUL. the sun is shining, and the birds are singing. It seems like SPRING. We even have the back door open & the baby gate up , so that the dogs & cats can go outside & sun themselves on the back deck. It's simply gorgeous.

I'll post when I have something better to write about!!!