Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday Night "Sit & Sew"

No photos for THIS post, just chatty.

My friend, Quilt-Buddy #1, and I started to get together on Thursday nights to "sit & sew". So far this has been great. We get to sit & talk & sew & just be ourselves. No pressures. I have been getting so much done. It is so fun just to sit & sew. There are supposed to be 2 other quilt buddies in the mix, to round us out to 4, but so far it's just been QB#1 & me. I think this is the 4th time we've done it now. (we skipped last week, because I was on vacation)

Last night , QB#1 finished her blocks for her "Pink Lemonade" quilt. She finished sewing on the sashing & got all the blocks sewn into rows before we quit for the evening.

I brought my Stretched Stars Quilt to show QB#1 - I got both halves sewn together & it's now ready for borders! Whoo-Hoo! (a decision I ALWAYS waffle on!) It looks really nice.

I was so tired of those 2.5 inch squares that everything I had left over, I traded with QB#1 for blue scraps.

While @ Thursday Sit & Sew - I worked on my Night & Day Quilt, got the binding strips pressed , sewn together and sewn to the FRONT side of the quilt. All ready to be hand stitched to the back. This particular binding is just a little more narrow then I am used too. NORMALLY, I cut my binding strips 3 inches, fold in half, sew to the BACK of the quilt & then hand stitch to the front. Makes for a nice wide binding that I like....But THIS time, I didn't have enough fabric to make the strips 3 inches wide. So they are 2.5 inches. It's enough difference that I can notice it.

I'll be off work by noon today. I have SUCH a full day! I have to meet the fence guy @ DD#1's house, pick up a RX for Prince Charming @ the pharmacy, get to the grocery store & buy everything I need for Spaghetti & Meatball dinner tonight. I am having the "girl's from work" to dinner @ my house. Totally informal. I been promising it for a while, so now it's time to make good on it.

I am sure glad that they all know that I don't rent a room to Martha Stewart. I wouldn't want anyone to think my house is spotless & pristine. Ha, Ha, Ha ! It would really surprise me if it were!

Talk at y'all later!



Anonymous said...

How much fun! A quilt buddy to sit and sew with. I usually take my small stuff outside while Sophia naps. Other than that I try to squeeze it in while we're sitting on the couch together. So I suppose in a way I too have a quilt buddy.

Barb said...

I would love to see pictures but for now, it sounds very productive and fun...hope the other gals join you eventually.