Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Finished My Chair

This is what I have been busy with this past week!:



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Squeaking By

The pitfalls of sewing with scraps.... I didn't have enough to make & finish the binding. I came up one piece shot. 3"X36" I fished some other black out of my stash & sewed it on to the one side of the strip I found in my trashcan. Still didn't have enough, dug some more in my trash & found 2 pieces 2 inches wide, sewed THOSE 2 together & then I had enough.

The seams where I added on will be hidden in the binding. Might wear more quickly, but if I am honest with myself..........None of my quilts are used enough to fray the bindings off!

I hope you can see it, you might have to click on the pictures to enlarge them

good night!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jumping In

So...with that neat little jobbie from my last post (which I did not use YET) waiting in the wings,I have started THIS project. I thought I was doing well not to slip with the stapler remover or the super slim wood chisel. The wood chisel is courtesy of Prince Charming. He siad HERE TRY THIS..I took it & said YOU REALIZE IT WILL BE WORTHLESS WHEN I GIVE IT BACK, RIGHT? He said yes, so I proceeded. I think the chisel worked better than the stapler remover. I would have got everything removed but while I was brushing crumbs/junk (from previous owner) I sliced my pinky finger open on a spring end. Bled & bled & bled. Not deep enough to need stitches, but it bled a LOT. We are working outside tomorrow, so no upholstery on Sunday. Darn, coz I think I'm on a roll. Sam

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I NEEEEEeeeedddd another Hobby I need....

a Nose ring...........funny time I was in a fabric shop buying fabric (really?) and the girl says "How much do you need?" - I say "Well I NEED more fabric like I NEED a nose ring!" Guess what peeps??? She had a nose ring! OMGoodness, toes taste SO good. (not really they don't) Onto my post tonight. Guess what I bought for ME today? Bet you can't guess....... I bought THIS:
It is a pneumatic stapler. It's teh dinkiest thing I have ever seen. And it's really light too. Guess why I bought it? I Am Going To Try UPHOLSTERY!! And Slipcovers too! It's a slow go so don't expect too much. Sam