Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back From The L/A

I finished putting this quilt together oh.........2 years maybe? ago? Probably that long. I sent it to Three Sisters Fabric in New Paris IN to be quilted. First off - they were great to work with. They did what they said they'd do when they'd do it for the price they quoted. Second - this quilt looks exactly like I wanted it to. I had wanted to quilt it myself - but I just never achieved the skill required nor gave the time to the practice to get as good as I wanted to be. (Was that why I sold my machine? No.)Third - I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and totally over the moon over how this turned out. These pictures don't really do it justice - you have to SEE it to appreciate it. I love it!

Ihave one more they did too - my spools quilt - it came out equally beautiful - it's an E2E and since the piecing is SO BUSY it was perfect. I am very VERY satisfied with what Allison & Tammy did for me - here's a funny ya'll. I have been home sick, in the bed, with the flu. The quilts were delivered on Monday & in my excitement, I called & left a message on thier phone - um......word to the wise........don't call ANYONE when you're loopy with the flu - you're going to be un-intelligible! At least for me? I was! Allsion, bless her - emailled me & let meknow she THOUGHT I was happy with the quilts. Happy? No OVERJOYED. But I won't make phone calls when I'm 3 sheets to the flu anymore either. Ha Ha I can be such a nut job. Sam

Newly Bound #2

#2 Newly Bound! this is that Barn Loft Quilt Pattern - this quilt is HUGE - incredibly long. Definately a KING size quilt. Or a good size Queen with a pillow tuck! I put this one on the bed to stay. At least for alittle while

Newly Bound #1

this is ONe of TWo quilts that I got back from the L/A - please - don't give me any grief - I got this back before THANKSGIVING! Putting the binding on is one of my most dreaded part of quilt making. this quilt has a story - pretty sure I wrote it out before - but here goes again. I made the BLOCKS for this quilt oh...6 or 7 years ago? Got disgusted with them becasue I didn't make them come out all the right size - I gifted them to a quilt guild buddy this year - Diane Miller - becasue she makes a lot (I mean A LOT) of charity quilts, figured she'd turn it into a charity quilt, well she made the quilt up & GAVE IT BACK TO ME! I love it - I don't remember what batting I had in it but it's a WARM one for sure!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Piddle Crafting

The weather this past weekend has been stupid crazy. I spent Saturday with my DD#2 & Grandson#1 - but they had to leave earlier than expected on Sunday morning because the weather was getting nasty. And.......I did not want her driving on ice after dark. Anyway........I was a little bored & made this!