Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Triple Irish Chain Progress

I made many more blocks than I need. I had originally going to make the quilt 9 blocks by 11 blocks, however, thats too BIG. So it is now 7 blocks by 9 blocks. I don't have a pattern - so getting the Seminole border on it is going to be a challenge. I have made 2 quilts with that border treatment - but I no longer have that book! Heavy sigh....we'll see how f
ar I get!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sewing 01/01/2015

Great way to start off the new year I suppose. I have 3 dogs all together. Bourbon I bring to work, and he's a house dog. The other 2 are ourside dogs. They are Briscoe & Brandy. When I refer to the "big dogs" I'm referring to Briscoe & Brandy. Really Brandy isn't bigger than Bourbon but that's just how we refer to them! Regardless of the weather or the season I bring the big dogs into the basement every night. I kennel them in a chain link fence "kennel" that is roughly 4 feet wide X 8 feet long. I bring them in some time between 8 & 10 PM depending on what time I'm going to sleep or how tired I am or how bad the weather is...whatever....last week one of the big dogs had some nasty accident - this doesn't happen often & it was likely my fault anyway becasue I gave them people food leftovers. Anyway - the blanket was soiled to the point I wasn't going to clean it. Nasty. Wasn't gonna put it in my washer was more like it!! I was having a bit of heartache over the big dogs laying on the cold hard cement. So I put the dog heating pad in there. Well it's hard plastic. They wouldn't get on it. Prince Charming suggested making some big pillows & fill them with cedar chips. So that's what we did. I bought a drop cloth from Lowe's and cut it in half & made 2 big pillows. I used my industrial walking needle Juki. Sewed thru that drop like it was quilting cotton! And I folded the edges on at least 2 sides twice & with the hem that was already there - i sewed thru about 8 layers! Filled them with the cedar chips & then sewed the last side shut. Prince Charming had to hold the bag/pillow while I sewed THAT side. I let Briscoe in early becasue it was so stinking cold! He didn't complain once & sacked out on the new "bed".
this next picture is of Brandy. She is our "hunter". No kidding. Not encouraged, but good at it nonetheless! She killed a possum Tuesday night. Well, I THOUGHT it was dead. It wasn't. I made her drop it at the gate - and she was anxious to find it the next morning. But it must have been playing!!! because it got up & left in the night! Brandy was not happy bout that. She's just a mutt dog we rescued from the pound about 5 years ago. Pretty smart dog - kills a lot of little animals. Squirrels, possums (this is now her 3rd possum), 2 skunks last year (without getting sprayed), a ground hog. And she's hunting birds now too. She is not animal aggressive to dogs or cats. Just won't let anything else in HER yard!
I sure don't know what I'm doing wrong - i put in spaces between my paragraphs & sentences & when i hit publish? They disappear! TTYL Sam