Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I promise I am going to "do" some quilting.

It's been so hot, and when I can tolerate it, I have been outside.

see ya !


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Washer & Dryer this post is not REALLY quilting related, but I'll tell you WHY I think it IS quilt related!

I make big bed sized quilts. Probably always will. And I hated my washer ( I hate doing laundry anyway. Period) because it has an aggitator in it & I felt like it was tearing up my quilts & they were not really getting clean. So I used to take themt ot he laundry mat to wash them. Not because they got more clean but because I could use the huge washers that had NO aggitator & wouldn't stress my quilts.

Well, this month, on top of everything (all the hours I've been working, mainly) my dryer decides to stop heating. It still WORKED, just didn't heat the load. Took like 4 times int he dryer to dry a load of jeans. And I don't mean a LOAD. i mean like 4 pair. I cleaned the vent - nothing. So we sort of hobbled through the week. I dried towels & a small quilt on a clothes rack on my back deck. They felt like cardboard when they finally dried. It's so humid right now, it took ALL DAY to dry.

SO.....Monday, Memorial Day, Prince Charming & I went to Lowe's & bought a new washer & dryer. I could not get the front load washer because my laundry room is a closet in the hallway & if I got the doors that open in the front, I could not open it all the way.....dryer still opens in front, but I have always had to only open it 3/4's of the way (who designs these closets anyway - obvciously people that do not DO laundry)......I got the Whirlpool Cabrio H/E set. Super nice! No aggitator. 5.0 cubic foot washer & 7.0 cubic foot dryer. I don't even have to set the water level on the washer. It does it all by itself. And DRY a load of jeans in ONE round! Whoo-Hoo! I feel SPECIAL!

I still hate laundry. I always will. But at least it takes LESS time now. aggitator to stress out my quilts! Nice big HUGE tub for QUILTS ! I am a happy camper. Thought the hit to the checkbook was hard.......


p/s couldn't find a photo of the matching dryer............but they're a matched set & I only needed the dryer......but I was super reluctant to buy just the ONE appliance. Besides...I REALLY wanted washer without the aggitator.