Monday, June 15, 2009

Stretched Stars & Rashes......

Exactly how long does ONE have to wait for Poison Oak to clear up? Even with medication? It's drying up, but GOODNESS, I itch. I ITCH everywhere. It's all lighter in color, in other words, I don't look like a Lobster with acne.....I am tired of having posin Oak. It's yuck.

We're off this week.

The fence guy came today, it's been raining, so it's too wet to get the little bobcat looking thing with the auger into the yard to drill the holes for the fencing....hurry up & wait mode....just love it.

I went to Whittles today with 7 other ladies from my quilt guild. It was a nice trip 9only got sprinkles of rain on the way back...) I bought 2 pieces for backings. I bought some "weaver's cloth" , for the background of the (I should say "THE") baby quilt that I will make for DD#2/DG#1. I also bought some yardage of blue & red. both are for the "border" blocks on my PP Pineapple quilt. I bought 3 yards of a blue Civil War print. So pretty. I ran out of $$ long before I ran out of choices! ha Ha

My car buddy was Pam. Pam lives about 2 miles from me, is a memeber of my guild & she's a realtor. Smart lady & so fun to be with!

It's been a little bit since I posted some pictures. This is my "Stretched Stars" Quilt. I work on it , off & on. It's my therapy sewing. Sort of brainless, you know??? Well i finally got enough of the blocks sewn. 2.5 inch corners on 2 corners....More trimming & ironing then there is anything. I want it to be a queen size, so if my math is correct, I need 399 blocks....Then I want to make the inner border to complete the outer "stars". I have heard this block named many of them is Indian Hatchet. I have wanted to make a Stretched Stars Quilt for a long while, and I am closer to having one done.

The truth is that I started a different therapy sewing project and needed to FINISH this one, before I stared another one! Ha, ha ! A little self decipline maybe? I started a Log Cabin/Courthouse Steps VARIATION ?? I don't know what you call it, I have seen it in many quilting magaizines. It's just squares. Or logs around a center square...Easy Peasey...but I had to finsih the Stars .

what you are seeing is just HALF the quilt. It will be 19 blocks by 21, and this is just 19 X 11 right now. I didn't feel like fiddling with all those blocks at once..

anyhow.....tomorrow, Prince Charming & I go to someone's house to pay for & pick up a dining room set that DD#1 bought for her new house. My freind, Pam, found it and told us about it. After we pick that up & take it to her house, I don't know what the plans for the "day" are....but I know I won't get up before 8!!!

ha Ha, again!

{edited to add: DG#1 = dear grandchild #1 - gonna be a grandmother in December....}


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