Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Help? Yay or Nay? You Decide!

Seems that the BABY could stay OFF the QUILT. I asked him to stay OFF THE QUILT, which he did....

The DOG? On the other hand....He didn't mind so well.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

12 More Blocks !

You know when YOu SEE a pattern & you think "Self, I REALLY like that pattern, but needs to be I better make LOTS of blocks!" Well, I thought I was making lots of blocks. Turns out I still need 12 more.

After I laid out this half of the blocks, it occured to me that I MIGHT want to see just how many I wanted/needed. Even though I made 10 more than the pattern calls for, I still need 12 more.

I didn't get too much sewing done on those 12 more as Prince Charming & I worked ont he shed today. Beuatiful weather to work in, I might add! WE called a local "rent a machine" place & had a bobcat with an auger delivered this morning. We spent roughly 2 hours setting & squaring & measuring for the pole placement, and then dug 12 holes. These are for the lean-to's on each side of our shop. I am beat. I ache all over & we only got HALF the poles cemented in the ground.

I really WANT to sew - but we have been slacking on the "getting it done" department...taking lots of weekends off. So we did.

I need to get this quilt done so that I can start on the grandson's "I Spy" quilt - I want to give it to him for Christmas, and I need to finish my niece's quilt too.

And I want to get some face time in with my embroidery machine....AND I have a couple of customer quilts to get quilted too. My, my - my life gets busy sometimes!

Here's something you need to be on the look out for: We're all going to be PIRATES for Halloween. I am SO excited! Y'all better be watching my blog for possible updates.

See Ya!


Monday, September 5, 2011

New Machine

Look here for my first attempt with my *NEW* machine.