Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stretched Stars / Bordered & Loaded

I chose the blue on the far right. It is a blue/gray/green blue & those tulip looking things are the perfect cream. It goes really well. I actually just wanted to get it done & up against the quilt top, it "went well".

Oh, by the way, after adding borders, this top measures 92 X 103. It will fit the bed super nicely.

I did not load it until 9PM. I got busy. Cooked spaghetti & meatsauce. Yeh, I know...twice in 3 days??? I had left over cooked hamburger - so why not?

I am going to use the same "camel" colored thread. It goes with the backing.Besides that point, I didn't have to wind any bobbins and the cone was still on the why not?

The backing is one I chose without much decision. I think I got it at Whittles too, in December. It's wide & it did not require any squaring up. I ran it in the dryer with a wet towel to get the wrinkles out. Lazy! I didn't really want to iron it....

The pantograph I chose is called LUSH LEAVES by Willowleaf Studio. I HAVE used it before, but (again) not on one of my own quilts.

Notice the finger wrapped in muslin???? Wonder of wonders, as I smooth the fabric, affter loading the backing, I ALWAYS - stinking ALWAYS snag a finger with a pin. Blood everywhere. thankfully never on the fabric. Been really careful about that!!! Last 4 quilts that I have quilted, I have drawn blood. Seems that if I pay special attention to make sure that I don't snag a pin, I do it more than once.

Note to self: Get a box of bandaids for the studio.


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