Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilting Today - Edited to Add Photos!

So ?

Today I spent quilting. I quilted one for Kyra - cute, cute, cute. Used a dark blue thread. I didn't get any pictures because i mailed it off today so she cold have it quickly.

I used a YLI thread. I prefer Permacore. But i did not have navy blue in the Permacore. I do not especially LIKE the YLI thread. I could never get it to work right when I had a Gammill & I don't like it on the Nolting.

It's probably a mind thing. I don't know. I can get the tension just right and the thread still breaks, the speed just right, and the second I'm not sewing on fabric the thread breaks, then I sew & sew & sew & have zero problems... but I just can't seem to LIKE the YLI. Oh well.

Since I was going to use the same pantograph on the Trip Around the World donation quilt, that I used on Kyra's Auburn Quilt, I went ahead & loaded it. But I loaded it sideways. So that the top & bottom were on the sides. I like to do that when it does not matter which direction the quilting pattern is going...I do this ALL THE TIME !!! Anyway, instead of using the varigated thread like I had intended...I used an aqua blue or turquise (sp?) thread instead. Matched the border fabric PERFECT.

I used muslin for the backing, but OH BOY!! I made a huge mistake! #1 Mistake: I did not measure the backing before I loaded it. I just took it for granted it was wide enough. I knew it was long enough because it was 90 inches & the quilt was only like 82 inches so loading it sideways was no problem - the selveages weret eh sides since I loaded it sideways...#2 mistake; Assuming I made the correct calculation for how many yards I needed for the width. Since I made mistake #1 & #2..#3 was certainly inevitible....I came up short. Good thing this was MY quilt & not a customer quilt. All mistakes aside, since I loaded it sideways, I was able to use it to my advantage.

I only lacked about ONE inch. Yep ONE INCH of having enough width, so when I got to the edge bottom (which is really the side of the quilt) I locked the machine & sewed a long seam. And that's where I ended the quilt, once I finished, I rolled the whole quilt up onthe bottom roller & sewed a seam at the top of the quilt (which is really the other side of the quilt) the same amount oas the other one. So basically the side borders of the quilt are one inch narrower than the top & the bottom borders. Problem solved. Took me longer to frog-stitch the quilting off the bottom leader then it did to load the whold quilt! Oh well, it was agood save.

I'll see if I can get photos of it tomorrow.

Right now? I hear my pillows calling...

11/25/2009 - edited to add the photos. Ass you can see in photo #1 - it's a wee bit smaller. #2 Shows the bottom (or top) border up against the side border. Barely noticible whenit lies flat, but you can see that the side borders are narrower! #3 Shows the thread color & the pantograph pattern.

Pantograph was purchased from Miki & Diane Designs.



~Joan said...

Eager to see your pictures. Good idea about the save!!

Kyra said...

got my quilt today!! I love this design it works great and the blue thread looks soooo good. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. BINDING! lol I'll be glad to sit and do that after all this standing up cooking today & tomorrow
Happy Thanksgiving so thankful to have u as my buddy :)

Millie said...

The quilt is so pretty and you did a great job on the machine quilting.