Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Baaaccckkk!

I went to AL to spend the week with DD#2 & DGS#1. I went to spend the week so that I could help out with the baby SIL#1 works for a car plant & they are off thru 01/11 - he's a good guy , but I don't feel like I helped out too much with all of them there. I sort of felt like a thrid wheel. Both were great hosts. and the guest room is a wlak through memory lane, as it's all DD#2's old bedroom furniture.......Makes me nostalgic. All that aside, i am very glad that I was there. DD#2 is MY baby & I felt about one inch tall when I had to leave & she teared up & told me she didn't think she could "do it" . Just broke my heart. Makes me cry thinking about it. I guess I was a sort of security blanket for her.

I have some new photos of the baby - I'll load those another time.

Got into Franklin & stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics. Picked up some strapping and a yard of novelty fabric for QB1. I also bought 3 patterns for myself. One skirt, one jeans type pattern & one scoop neck pattern. I bought 2 different types of denim & one khaki.

I have found it increasingly difficult to find clothing that I like a modest style that I am comfortable in, so I decided I would start making my own clothing. Nothing new here, folks, as it's something I have done in the past, but got away from. I like to wear my skirts long & shirts long. Everytime I try to BUY clothing, seems like you have to be a 14 year old flat chested size 2 in order to find anything......I'm tired of trying. I am NOT a size 2 (add about 10 or 12 to that number !, I'm not flat chested & I am SO far away from 14 it's comical!!)At least I'll be able to make t-shirts that don't rise above my waist or choke me to death.


QB1 came over this evening so that we could chat & I cold apply some snaps to a few coloring totes that she has completed. Goodness, that snap-press is a joy to work with. (in all seriousness - I couldn't use snap pliers, my hands couldn't take the pressure needed to make them work right...) We also made a few pillowcases. I made 2 for DD#1 because QB1 needed to see how it was done. the instructions are really hard to understand and since the directions are in black & white - seeing it actually DONE is much easier to understand. We made 2 because I confused MYSELF reading the instructions. I was glad to see QB1 - It's just nicce to be home....

What's that saying? Most quoted by Dorothy? "There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home"? Yeh, that's it!



Barb said...

Congrats on the new baby....and glad you are back!!

yvy said...

welcome back, hun!!!! i was wondering where u snuck off to as u've been so quiet. :) glad u enjoyed time with ur dd n new gs. ;)